Oculus Quest: How to factory reset your headset and restore the default settings

The Oculus Quest can give its users a virtual reality or VR experience that is packed with excitement, but sometimes things go wrong.

But if there comes a point where you would need to factory reset it, are you ready to do it?

Although it may sound like something that you could regret, there may be instances that you really have to do it.

And here's how to factory reset your Oculus Quest:

Factory reset using your phone

The official support website for the Oculus Quest listed this option.

You can factory reset your VR device by using your own mobile phone in which the Oculus app is installed. Go through the app and tap the settings menu on the bottom part.

Then click on the headset that is connected to your phone. Choose the more settings option, and select factory reset.

Your Oculus Quest will then immediately reset by doing so.

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Factory reset using the headset

You also can actually factory reset your Oculus Quest headset by doing it in the headset.

Just turn off your headset and hold the power and volume buttons simultaneously down. Wait for the screen to boot.

Then proceed by using the volume buttons of your headset to highlight the factory reset option. Tap the power button.

Use once again the volume buttons to select yes. Press again the power button, and your Oculus Quest will now undergo factory reset. It's probably easier through the phone, though, to be honest.

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