NZXT creates bizarre mash-up of a 3080 and a shoe

At this point, nothing really surprises us anymore. It's more of a "sure, this makes perfect sense."

Today's peculiarity involves a powerful RTX 3080 GPU and a pair of shoes, or at least they look like shoes.

That's right, you might be completely unable to buy an RTX 30XX but that doesn't mean that you can't buy something that has them.

So, here's what you need to know about the 3080 shoes.

Are these actually shoes?

The design comes from a combination of RTFKT and NZXT. It's a really weird situation, but hey, why not.

Ignoring the term "master race" which really needs to be phased out of common vernacular, the actual design of these things is… nice? Maybe. We're not sure how to feel about the whole thing to be honest, but it does appear to be an actual PC, not a shoe.

Would you want this sat on a desk with loads of wires coming out of it to power your gaming setup?

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Should it be a shoe or a PC

Ultimately, and until there's full confirmation from either company, the real question here is what you'd rather it was. It certainly seems to be a working PC, but maybe you'd wear a pair of sneakers like this?

It's certainly one way to make a statement, and if you combine it with any other RGB stuff you can get your hands on then you're sure to make your presence known.

We're not certain we'd wear them out, or in, or at all, but we won't judge you if you want to clomp around in these things, or if you want it as your PC.

It's just a bit odd.

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