Lenovo reveals the first 16-inch 1440p 165Hz laptop: Specs, prices and more details on the Lenovo Legion 7

There's always going to be new laptops announced, and as more companies get their hands on the much sort after Nvidia 30 series of GPUs.

This combined with the power of the new AMD chips makes for some serious power in a modern-day laptop, and the new ones are well-positioned to get the most out of it each part.

Well, the latest laptop to use all of these fancy bits is the Lenovo Legion 7.

Here's what you need to know about this little powerhouse.

Lenovo Legion 7 specs

So, let's talk specs first off. At the core of these laptops is the AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs and the NVIDIA RTX 30 series.

Of course, this is all customisable to get even more power out of it potentially, but it's hard not to be a little excited about the potential for these machines. However, the company are saying that the machines will be capable of 4k graphics, but it's very likely that this won't be true 4K, but some technical jiggery-pokery instead.

The specifics do remain a little muddy at present, but we'll keep you updated with everything new that comes out as it comes out.

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Lenovo Legion 7 price

Prices for these appear to be starting around the £1,700 mark.

This is likely to be far, far higher as you ask for more inside of them, but it's still a good starting price for sure.

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Lenovo Legion 7 release date

As it stands, these are due to be out in June, but there's no specific date set as of yet.

It's also very possible that this date moves due to stock shortages, or production issues, or meteorite strikes, or a dinosaur alien invasion or something.

Who knows with this year.

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