Intel Xe Price: Predictions, Leaks, and More!

The Intel Xe DG2 graphics card's price is still a mystery as Intel has remained largely silent about the cost their first graphics card in twenty years will carry with it.

Let's take a look at what we know so far.

Intel Xe Price

Intel's first graphics card is looking to go toe-to-toe against both AMD and NVIDIA in a variety of different price points. These different variants are looking to offer a model for the entry-level market, the mid-level market, and the enthusiast-level market.

Intel Xe Price
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These different models will all be priced to compete with NVIDIA and AMD. The entry-level models will most likely feature a price of $150 up to $250, while the mid-level models are likely to have a price of $300 up to $400.

Since Intel is looking to feature enthusiast-level models, the price tag for those variants will most likely feature a price of up to $1,000.

Intel Xe Leaks

The DG2 graphics card models are looking to offer up to six different variants which are going to target different markets ranging from Entry-level all the way to enthusiast-level.

In a recent Twitter leak, the entry-level graphics card will feature just 96 Execution units cores which can is stated to feature up to 4GB of VRAM while the enthusiast-level graphics card will feature 512 Execution units cores which can feature up to 16 GB of VRAM.

Can you see Intel's graphics cards competing with NVIDIA and AMD's graphics cards?

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