IKEA partners with ASUS ROG to create a range of affordable gaming furniture

IKEA has announced a partnership with Republic of Gamers (ROG) as the Swedish company continues its move into the gaming market.

Using ROG's experience within the gaming world after seeing the ASUS-based brand grow exponentially through selling PC hardware and accessories, IKEA hopes to "combine [its] home furnishing knowledge with ROG’s expertise in creating exceptional gaming experience."

Read on to find out more about IKEA's gaming furnishings, and what we can expect from the company!

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IKEA announces a range of affordable gaming products

IKEA is expanding into the gaming world with a "new range of affordable gaming furniture and accessories to bring the gaming experience at home to a new level."

The company announced that the range, which comprises "around 30 products" is designed to "bring the comfort of gaming experience to a new level."

IKEA and ROG designers held workshops with gamers in Shanghai "to explore home furnishing needs of gamers and identify the list of functions needed to secure a high-quality gaming experience" before creating the range in IKEA's Shanghai Product Development Centre.

"Gamers have always dreamed of the perfect gaming space that is both comfortably functional and enables full immersion in games," stated Kris Huang, the General Manager of ASUS Gaming Gear and Accessory Business Unit. "Together with IKEA as an expert in home furnishing, we envision that this collaboration will create synergies that empower gamers to build the gaming space they have always imagined in the comfort of their own homes."

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What's in IKEA's gaming range?

IKEA has not yet disclosed any details or images of their upcoming range of gaming products. However, we can expect IKEA to build on their previous furnishing knowledge to create ergonomic and affordable gaming chairs and desks to compete with high-end gaming brands such as Secretlab.

We may also see IKEA create lamps or lighting specifically tailored for gaming, which means RGB galore. Aside from this, the "gaming accessories" IKEA and ROG could create are seemingly endless.

IKEA gaming furniture release date

For those of you eager to take a trip to your local IKEA to pick up some cheap gaming accessories, IKEA plans to release its furniture in February 2021, but only in its Chinese stores.

IKEA's other markets can expect to see the furnishings start appearing from October 2021.

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