The new LEGO Art range allows you to create your own picture-perfect masterpieces

LEGO sets have always been popular display pieces, but the new LEGO Art range takes that to a whole new level.

The range is comprised of a series of portraits made up of thousands of tiny studs in a huge variety of colours. Each set is perfect for hanging on a wall, or for displaying on a shelf or desk.

There are four kits in the range, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Marvel Studios Iron Man and Star Wars The Sith, each costing £114.99 apiece. 

These sets are some of the more unique offerings we’ve seen from the LEGO Group, so read on to learn more about what makes this range so special...

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One set, multiple possibilities

One of our favourite features about the LEGO Art range is that each set can be constructed in multiple different ways. 

So take for example the Star Wars The Sith kit, you can build a portrait of one of three iconic sith characters - Darth Maul, Kylo Ren or Darth Vader, the choice is yours. 

The Iron Man kit allows you choose from one of three Iron Man armours (including the Hulkbuster!), The Beatles set unsurprisingly asks you to choose your favourite member of the Fab Four and the Marilyn Monroe option lets you reimagine Andy Warhol’s famous screen print of the iconic in one of four funky colour schemes.  

This means that you can refresh your artwork after a few months of displaying it one way if you fancy a change, or if like us you can't decide whether to go with Darth Maul or Darth Vader.

Create the ultimate artwork

Multiple LEGO Art sets can be combined to create one gigantic canvas style image. If you buy three of the Iron Man kits you can build a massive image of the superhero firing his repulsor glove.  

lego arts iron man so mid
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Combine three Iron Man sets to make this beauty

If you pick up three of The Sith sets you can put together an extended portrait of Darth Vader, complete with his lightsaber on full display. 

Buying multiple sets isn’t the cheapest option, but the large artworks are extremely striking and would look very slick hung on the wall.

An audio-building experience

One other nifty feature of the LEGO Art range is that each comes with an accompanying podcast to listen to while you construct your artwork. 

These podcasts feature licensed music and interviews in a podcast-style format to create an immersive audio experience and help to make the building process just as much fun as gazing at the completed work.

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