HTC Vive: How to fix blurry visuals

A common occurrence for VR headsets include the possibility of displaying blurry visuals, and the HTC Vive is no exception to that.

It may substantially effect your VR and gaming experience, and also cause irritation for yourself too.

But of course at Stealth if there's a problem, then there's always a solution to be found here.

With that, here's how to fix blurry visuals on your HTC Vive.

Get rid of blurriness on your HTC Vive headset's lenses

There are some ways you can do to get rid of the blurriness that may happen on the visuals displayed by your HTC Vive headset, especially with its lenses.

It's courtesy to the official support page by HTC Vive that there's a short guide.

  • Clean your lenses. It is possible that it could be affected by dust from too much usage. Do it by using a clean and fine piece of cloth.
  • Make sure that the protective film on the lenses upon buying it is already removed.

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Adjust your HTC Vive headset

If the cleaning of your lenses won't solve much of the issue, it may be because of how you set-up your HTC Vive to begin with.

You can adjust your headset's IPD by twisting the little knob placed at the bottom of the HTC Vive.

Or you can also adjust the way you literally wear your headset. Crank on the left ring part and pull your headset on both the front and back ways.

Stretch the headband until it fits just right on your head and face.

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