How to connect Xbox One controller to Android phone or tablet: Pair up your devices now

Android is one big OS that supplements literally millions of phones and other devices in almost every part of the world. But by connecting your Xbox One controller to it, your gaming experience might just become a lot more engaging.

To make this dreamlike connection happen, all you need to do is follow some simple steps.

And once you've managed to pull those off, a one-of-a-kind gaming venture waits for you!

Here's how to connect an Xbox One controller to your Android phone or tablet:

Use the Xbox One controller on your Android device thanks to Bluetooth

Well there you go again, it's Bluetooth time!

There's one easy way to connect your Xbox One controller to your Android phone or tablet - and it's by Bluetooth.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth scanner in your Android device's settings.
  • Then turn on your Xbox Controller's Bluetooth by pressing the Xbox button in the middle.
  • Once the Xbox Controller appears available on the list of devices for pairing on your phone or tablet, select and approve it.
  • When the blinking ends on your controller, it should now connect the two devices.

And game on with your Xbox One controller maneuvering on Android!

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Make sure your Xbox One controller has a Bluetooth function

Some versions of the Xbox One controller don't actually have Bluetooth powers.

One way to check yours is by looking at the controller itself. If the Xbox button on the middle part has the same plastic cover-like feature as the whole controller, then your controller has Bluetooth.

But if that button does not have the same covering, and instead feels a bit different, then it is incapable of Bluetooth.

So upon purchasing your controller, find out if it has a Bluetooth function or none at all.

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