How to change Razer mouse colour: Tailor your RGB experience with Razer Synapse

Some Razer hardware is supported by the Chroma effect - you can change the colour of your hardware, such as your mouse for example.

You just need to download a program that lets you control and customize the light aesthetic of your Razer mouse.

Once you have it, you may turn your mouse to the colour that you want. Of course, our beloved RGB scheme is also available.

Here's how to change your Razer mouse color:

Download Razer Synapse

The number one thing you need to change your Razer mouse's colour is to download and install the Razer Synapse app.

Razer Synapse is your go-to app/software that you need to use in order to customize the colour and aesthetic of your Razer hardware.

You can download the latest version of Razer Synapse here.

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Change your Razer Mouse color in the Synapse app

Once you have the Razer Synapse app, it's time to light up your mouse.

Select the mouse option on the app (represented by the mouse image on the lower left part of the window).

Then click the Lighting option, and you may now customize the light aesthetic of your Razer Mouse.

Once you have set your preferred settings, click save and enjoy the view of colourful, customised Razer mouse.

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