All trophies and achievements in Warhammer Realms of Ruin

Orruk Kruleboyz unit yelling at the viewer in Warhammer Realms of Ruin
Credit: Frontier

Orruk Kruleboyz unit yelling at the viewer in Warhammer Realms of Ruin
Credit: Frontier

In the Age of Sigmar, the only thing better than glorious conquest is a hard-earned platinum trophy. In this guide, we'll reveal all trophies and achievements in Warhammer Realms of Ruin.

It's a list that will challenge players' armies and willpower. From completing the campaign on the hardest difficulty to completing conquest mode without losing any lives, it'll take some hard work to stand atop the ruined realms.

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Troggoth rushing into battle in Warhammer Realms of Ruin
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Credit: Frontier

Warhammer Realms of Ruin trophies and achievements

There are 37 achievements to unlock in Realms of Ruin, with the PlayStation version including a platinum trophy to reach 38. They have been compiled in a table below, and don't seem too difficult; completing 100 quick or ranked matches is sure to take a long time, however.

We estimate it would take more than a hundred hours for players to get their platinum trophy or well-earned 100%, but this could easily vary based on skill levels.

Realm Ruined
Obtain all trophies (PlayStation only!)
Complete chapter 1 of the campaign
Met the Enemy
Complete chapter 2 of the campaign
Dead 'Uns Didn't Get Ya
Complete chapter 3 of the campaign
Servant of the Blue Raven
Complete chapter 4 of the campaign
Breathing Easy
Complete chapter 5 of the campaign
More Waagh, More Problems
Complete chapter 6 of the campaign
First to be Forged, Never to Fail!
Complete chapter 7 of the campaign
Troggoff Troubles
Complete chapter 8 of the campaign
Ingredients List
Complete chapter 9 of the campaign
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Unlike most recent games, it's refreshing to see a game's trophy list focus on straightforward gameplay instead of hobbling around to find pointless collectibles. As mentioned above, winning 100 matches is sure to take a while, and players will certainly be busy when mastering Conquest Mode.

If the game's most expensive editions are any indication, Realms of Ruin will eventually get two Hero DLCs some time after launch. It's possible that these will come with additional trophies for players to unlock, and with any luck, the new heroes will make the existing achievements easier to unlock.

Before you rush into ranked matches to become a Realms of Ruin legend, be sure to use our other guides. We can tell you about all Nighthaunt units, all Disciples of Tzeentch units, and tell you how to unlock unit tiers.

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