Total War: Pharaoh unit tier list - which units are best?

Total War: Pharaoh unit tier list - Egyptian warriors standing in the desert

Total War: Pharaoh unit tier list - Egyptian warriors standing in the desert

Even if you're a Total War veteran, the new Egyptian chapter brings a lot of interesting warriors that you can use in the battlefield. But which ones should you keep an eye on? Let's find out all the details in our Total War: Pharaoh unit tier list and dive into combat!

Of course, we're going to see many classic units make their return, but there are some specific new ones that will definitely need some explaining.

Let's not waste any more time and get out and fight, as we look at the best units in Total War: Pharaoh. Be sure to also check out whether the game has multiplayer!

Total War: Pharaoh unit tier list

Pharaoh guard, Royal charot companions, Elite Medjay warriors
Elite clubmen, Upper Egyptian Khopesh warriors
Sherden raiders, Nubian slingers, Ta-Seti longbowmen

This tier list can help you navigate and choose the best units for battle in Total War: Pharaoh.

Granted, that doesn't mean units which are not included, or the lower tier ones, should discourage you from using them. Sometimes, you have to go into battle with the units you have at your disposal and cannot choose otherwise.

This is just an overall guide to what you might want to always keep beside you while you navigate Egypt and conquer other territories!

Units preparing for war in Total War: Pharaoh.
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Which are the best units in Total War: Pharaoh?

While, as mentioned, this answer might change based on the units that you have available, it is easy to guess that the Pharaoh guards are among the strongest warriors in all the realm. Clearly, they were chosen because of their strength and stamina. This means you can always count on them in battle, sometimes even against what seem to be insurmountable odds. Thanks to their Underdog ability, they might indeed come out victorious.

After Pharaoh guards, we definitely recommend making good use of Chariots. They are flexible and strong units, fast on the battlefield and able to fire in all directions. This gives them a great opportunity to do quick (but significant) damage on the battlefield. If you're going to request chariots, better go all-in and ask for the best of them: the Royal ones.

That's it for our Total War: Pharaoh unit tier list. But for more info on the game, why not check out our map and platforms guides?

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