Can you play The Finals on Steam Deck?

The Finals Steam Deck - An image of a masked in-game character leaning on an yellow wall

The Finals Steam Deck - An image of a masked in-game character leaning on an yellow wall
December 27, 2023: We've updated this guide with the latest information.

The Finals has taken the gaming world by storm, but fans of Valve's innovative handheld console are eager to know if they can play The Finals on Steam Deck.

The free-to-play shooter has made a splash following its launch on Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, and Steam. Cross-platform multiplayer has let many players enjoy the game with friends, but with The Finals being available on Steam, it's a given that it is also accessible on the Steam Deck. In this guide, we'll delve into the crucial questions - does it run, and does it run smoothly?

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The Finals character wearing skull face paint glaring at the viewer
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Credit: Embark Studios

Can you play The Finals on Steam Deck?

According to various user reports, you cannot play The Finals on Steam Deck currently. These reports are as recent as two days ago at time of writing, with many blaming Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) for the game refusing players entry. The most common issue seems to be the game crashing or failing to load after the EAC splash screen appears.

If these player reports are to be believed, the developers are the only one that can solve this issue. It may be as simple as allowing Linux users to play, but until the game deals with its infestation of hackers and cheaters, it seems innocent Steam Deck users are out of luck.

The developers are likely aware of this, however, as Steam Deck users have been reporting the issue since a closed beta in June 2023. We can only hope it will be addressed and fixed in future.

How to play The Finals on Steam Deck

Although there hasn't been an official statement regarding Proton EAC support, there's reason to believe it will be implemented upon the game's official release.

To stay informed about the EAC support status for "The Finals", visit the AreWeAntiCheatYet website - Linux support is currently listed as "planned" after a developer expressed interest, though a definitive date was not given. If EAC is supported and the game begins to work on the Steam Deck, we'll likely see this announced on Embark Studios' Twitter account.

If you're eager to join the fun, another option is to install Windows on your Steam Deck. While this process requires some extra effort, it grants you the opportunity to play the game without needing to wait for official support.

For others who are happy to wait, official support may be just around the corner. While you wait, enjoy some other games on your Steam Deck like Forza Motorsport and Payday 3.

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