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Can you play The Finals on Steam Deck?

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The Finals Steam Deck - An image of a masked in-game character leaning on an yellow wall

Gaming enthusiasts everywhere are eager to know if they can play The Finals on Steam Deck.

Currently in its first cross-platform Open Beta, The Finals is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Steam until November 5th. Since the game is available on Steam, it's a given that it will also be accessible on the Steam Deck.

However, the crucial question remains: does it run smoothly? Well, we will delve into the compatibility and performance of The Finals on Steam Deck in this guide.

Can you play The Finals on Steam Deck?

According to various user reports, you cannot play The Finals on Steam Deck currently. The game just crashes or fails to load as soon as the Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) splash screen appears.

The primary issue revolves around EAC. It appears that during the Open Beta phase, the developers have not integrated Proton EAC support, causing the game to not work on Valve's Linux-based handheld console.

The EAC feature wasn't activated during The Finals Closed Beta 2 in June 2023, leaving users hopeful that it might be enabled in the open beta. Unfortunately, their hopes were dashed as the issue persisted.

How to play The Finals on Steam Deck

Although there hasn't been an official statement regarding Proton EAC support, there's reason to believe it will be implemented upon the game's official release.

To stay informed about the EAC support status for "The Finals" on the Steam Deck, visit the AreWeAntiCheatYet website. Additionally, keep an eye on Embark Studios' Twitter account for potential updates and announcements


If you're eager to join the open beta, another option is to install Windows on your Steam Deck. While this process requires some extra effort, it grants you the opportunity to play the game on your Steam Deck.

For others who can wait, official support may be just around the corner. While you wait, you can enjoy other popular games such as Forza Motorsport or Payday 3.

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