How to fix the fatal error in The Finals

The Finals fatal error - AN image of a character from the game holding an assault rifle

If you are encountering a fatal error aka the "Build request failed" error in The Finals while trying to launch the game, we've gathered some proven solutions from Reddit to help you with it.

The Finals is one of the hottest FPS games in the current gaming landscape, but like many others, it isn't without its fair share of issues. From the error code TFMR0100 to the notorious anti-cheat error, there are several obstacles that players may encounter.

In this guide, we'll walk you through step-by-step solutions to help you overcome this launching issue aka the fatal error and get back into action.

How to fix the fatal error in The Finals

To fix the "Fatal Error - Build request failed" error in The Finals, browse the files and launch start_protected_game.exe as an admin, followed by opening Discovery.exe. This method, recommended by a Reddit user, reportedly resolved the issue for them.

An alternative solution involves launching another game that uses EasyAntiCheat, exiting that game, and then starting The Finals. This workaround has proven effective for a Reddit user and could potentially remedy the issue for you too.

Another Reddit user claims that running the game file (Discovery.exe) as an administrator resolved the issue for them. Therefore, if previous troubleshooting efforts have failed, this measure could serve as your final attempt to rectify the fatal error.

If all attempts fail and the error remains, waiting for an automatic resolution may be your only recourse. Several Reddit users have reported that the issue resolved on its own over time, suggesting a similar outcome might occur for you as well.

Fortunately, the developers are aware of the issue and have acknowledged it on their Discord channel. Therefore, it's likely that a permanent resolution will be implemented soon. Hang in there and follow them on Discord for updates on this matter.

That covers everything about the fatal error in The Finals. We have compiled guides on other common errors in The Finals, including TFLA0002 and error code 500 which you may find helpful for further troubleshooting.

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