How to fix The Finals internal anti-cheat error

The Finals - person in a panda mask holding a submachine gun while hanging off a vertical yellow rope.
Credit: Embark Studios

The Finals - person in a panda mask holding a submachine gun while hanging off a vertical yellow rope.
Credit: Embark Studios

Have you been hit with an error message in The Finals that reads "An internal anti-cheat check failed." and you don't know what it means? We've got all the details on how this error is caused and what you can do to fix it.

Here, we've got all the technical solutions that can help prevent this error from occurring again in The Finals, and we'll be highlighting some of the common reasons that this error occurs as well.

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The Finals - "System Integrity Violation: An internal anti-cheat integrity check failed"
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Credit: Embark Studios

The Finals internal anti-cheat error fixes

The "internal anti-cheat" error occurs when The Finals' anti-cheat is unable to verify that you aren't using prohibited software. This doesn't necessarily mean that there is an issue with any specific software running on your computer; the cause of the issue usually lies within the files of the game itself.

Below, we've recorded all our solutions that you can try to fix the internal anti-cheat error with.

Verify integrity of game files

One course of action is to verify the integrity of your game files. Doing this will make sure your installation is both up-to-date and complete, as both of these issues could cause the internal anti-cheat error to show. We've included a walkthrough on how to do this on Steam down below.

  • Right-click on The Finals in your Steam Library
  • Click on "Properties..."
  • Open the "Installed Files" tab
  • Press the "Verify integrity of game files" button
  • Wait for your game files to be verified and try launching The Finals.

Delete Easy Anti-Cheat

Verifying your game files may not be the solution to the anti-cheat error, and you may still be presented with the error upon launching the game. A fresh reinstall of Easy Anti-Cheat may do the trick, which can be done simply by deleting the anti-cheat from your computer.

To do this, you'll have to navigate to where the anti-cheat downloaded to when you downloaded The Finals. Usually, it can be found in the "Program Files (x86)" folder on your C drive (C:), in the "EasyAntiCheat_EOS" folder. Deleting this folder will remove the anti-cheat from your device.

After doing this, launch The Finals as usual. The game will reinstall the Easy Anti-Cheat upon launching, and it should now function as intended.

Run Easy Anti-Cheat in Windows 8 compatibility mode

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If you keep having the issue, one user on Steam has shared a fix that reportedly worked for them and several other users. This involves running the Easy anti-cheat in Windows 8 compatibility mode, which you can do by following the steps below.

  • Find where Easy Anti-Cheat is installed on your computer (commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyAntiCheat_EOS\)
  • Right click on EasyAntiCheat_EOS.exe and select "Properties"
  • Select the "Compatibility" tab
  • Check the box labelled "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  • Select "Windows 8" from the drop-down if it isn't selected by default
  • Press "Okay" and try launching The Finals

It's worth noting that some users have said that this didn't resolve the issue for them. Nevertheless, there is one last thing you can try to stop getting the internal anti-cheat error.

Disable third-party software

If you've tried each of the above solutions, it may be time to look at the software you have running. While they may seem innocuous, there's a host of different types of software that could cause issues with Easy Anti-Cheat on your PC.

For example, while less intrusive than cheating software, using some third-party crosshair tools on your monitor can cause issues with the Easy anti-cheat, which will prevent you from entering The Finals. Even tools such as Logitech G HUB have been recorded as the cause behind the internal anti-cheat error.

Therefore, you'll want to make sure there aren't any applications running on your PC that could interfere with The Finals. You can use Task Manager to review all active processes and applications on your PC, as well as force them to close. After doing this, try launching The Finals, and hopefully, your game will now work.

That's all the suggestions we have for how to fix the internal anti-cheat error in The Finals. For more guides like this one on The Finals, we've got all the latest patch notes and updates for the game, as well as details on how The Finals is using AI voice acting. Alternatively, check out the best performance settings for The Finals.

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