How to fix The Finals error code TFLA0002

The Finals error code TFLA0002 - An image of a person with a cap and a sunglass

The Finals error code TFLA0002 - An image of a person with a cap and a sunglass

If you find yourself repeatedly facing The Finals error code TFLA0002 aka the "connection failed" error when attempting to log into the game, we're here to help.

The Finals is one of the hottest FPS games in the current gaming landscape, but like many others, it isn't without its fair share of issues. From the internal anti-cheat error to the notorious login failed error, to the error code TFGE0001, there are several obstacles that players may encounter.

In this guide, we will concentrate on error code TFLA0002. We will provide you with detailed steps and strategies to help you resolve this frustrating login error.

How to fix The Finals error code TFLA0002

To fix The Finals error code TFLA0002, visit the Embark website and ensure that your Embark account is properly linked with your Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation account. Numerous users on Reddit have indicated that this step effectively resolved the issue for them.

Also, ensure you have downloaded the full version of the game, not the beta. This common oversight has led numerous players to encounter this specific error. User reports on Reddit strongly suggest that switching to the full version effectively resolves this issue.

On the PS5, the beta version of the game appears prominently on the store's front page. To download the correct version, you need to navigate to 'View Product' and then select the appropriate download. The correct version should be around 9 GB in size, as opposed to the 6 GB beta version.

Similarly, on Xbox, The Finals has two separate listings: one for the beta and one for the full version. The full version is approximately 15 GB in size. If you have mistakenly downloaded the beta version, you should uninstall it and then download the full version instead for the complete experience.

If you are using the full version and have linked your accounts

Encountering error code TFLA0002 while playing the full version of The Finals is often linked to server downtimes or disruptions. Such issues are relatively frequent during high-traffic periods or following game updates.

For accurate confirmation, it's advisable to check the current server status of The Finals. In cases where the servers are down or experiencing disruptions, the best course of action is to patiently wait until they are restored to full functionality.

And that covers everything about The Finals error code TFLA0002. While you are here, make sure you check out our guides on other issues in The Finals such as the "Server not responding" error and the not launching issue.

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