System Shock remake Steam Deck - how to play and best settings

system shock remake steam deck how to play best settings
Credit: Nightdive Studios

The System Shock remake is coming to Steam Deck soon and many want to know the best way to play this game. Steam Deck support is pretty much expected for most major releases these days, which is why many are hoping that this makes the cut.

While the game isn’t available yet, fans have been able to try the game out on Steam Deck via the demo. Obviously, this isn’t a fully complete version of the first-person shooter, but it’s a fine starting point. Frankly, it’s all we have, but that shouldn’t deter anyone curious about this title.

So, how does the System Shock remake play on Steam Deck? And what are the best settings to play this shooter on? Here’s what we know thus far.

Can we play System Shock remake on Steam Deck?

Right now, the System Shock remake on Steam Deck has an unknown status, due to the game not being available yet. It also indicates that a lack of testing has been done with the shooter as some titles have confirmed verification before release.

Funnily enough, ProtonDB does confirm that the remake has a Linux version but that it hasn’t been listed yet. Players will have to wait for the game’s official release, though many have been able to try the demo out on Valve’s powerful handheld.

Like most PC games, players will be able to force their way to play this game via changing Protons and tinkering with the settings. It’s not the most ideal way to handle the remake but until the official release happens, players have to presume that they will force it to be playable.

Best System Shock remake Steam Deck settings

Despite its “unknown” status, players have been able to play the System Shock remake demo on Steam Deck. Although not a perfect experience, many were able to get to grips with the game, to the point that it has a silver ranking in ProtonDB. That’s not the most playable form of the game but it could be much worse.

For now, here are the best System Shock remake Steam Deck settings that are currently available:

  • Proton: Go to “Properties,” then head to the Compatibility Menu so you can force it to play via Proton Experimental. Some also claim that Proton 3.7-8 is the way to go.
  • Controls: Everything seems to be fine thus far, so Steam Deck players have nothing to worry about here.
  • Performance: Players might want to switch to 30 FPS, at least for the demo. Lower visual settings could lead to a higher FPS but this is still a demo.

Since this is the demo for System Shock remake on Steam Deck, there’s a chance that all of these could end up being irrelevant. After all, if the game launches as a “Verified” title, it will immediately play right out of the gate.

That’s all we know about how to play the System Shock remake on Steam Deck and its best settings. For more on System Shock remake, find out why it was delayed from its original March release on consoles. Also, check out our Darkest Dungeon 2 Steam Deck guide.

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