Is Stranger Things VR on PSVR 2

Stranger Things VR screenshot on red background
Credit: Tender Claws

Stranger Things VR screenshot on red background
Credit: Tender Claws

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The eagerly awaited Stranger Things VR, developed and published by Tender Claws, is poised for release on February 22, 2024. Originally slated for November 30, 2023, the game encountered delays to address bugs. While announced for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 platforms, fans are wondering whether Stranger Things VR be on PSVR 2.

This upcoming VR experience will bring players into the sinister world of Hawkins through the eyes of Vecna, the infamous antagonist from seasons 4 and 5. While the delays made fans wonder whether the game will be released at all, it seems that there will be no more delays with the game coming out in a matter of days, but on what platforms?

Will Stranger Things VR release on PSVR 2?

For now, Tender Claws has affirmed the game's availability on Meta Quest platforms, covering Quest 2, Quest 3, and the Pro version. Priced at a reasonable £22.99, the game not only promises an immersive experience but also offers pre-orders at a 10% discount. Low pricing and multiple platform availability will attract several players from day one.

Stranger Things VR
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Credit: Tender Claws
Stranger Things VR

While the official information doesn't explicitly confirm that Stranger Things will see a PSVR 2 release currently, the door remains open for future platform expansions. Considering the widespread popularity of the Stranger Things franchise, a subsequent release on platforms like PSVR 2 could broaden the game's reach. More players will be able to explore the mysteries of Hawkins in virtual reality.

There's no mention of a PC version in the pipeline. The studio's current focus appears directed towards optimising the game for the Meta Quest ecosystem which is great news if you're looking forward to fully immersing yourself in the game.

Stranger Things VR gameplay

Stranger Things VR puts players in Vecna's shoes, invading the dreams and memories of characters like Will Byers and Billy Hargrove. As Vecna, players will have telekinetic powers, making them able to manipulate, crush, and throw enemies.

To make the experience as real as possible, Jamie Campbell Bower (Vecna) and Matthew Modine (Dr Brenner) lend their voices, adding authenticity to the game.

The Stranger Things VR is a canonical addition to the Stranger Things universe and aligns with the show's narrative, exploring Vecna's influence on past events and unravelling mysteries within Hawkins. Moreover, the players will get a unique perspective on past events, revisiting key moments in the timeline. Players will witness how Vecna's actions shaped Hawkins, including the origins of the Mind Flayer and its connection to the town.

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