How to fix Steam Deck stuck on "Verifying installation" issue

Steam Deck stuck on "Verifying installation" - An image of a Steam Deck console
Credit: Valve

Steam Deck stuck on "Verifying installation" - An image of a Steam Deck console
Credit: Valve

If your Steam Deck is stuck on the "Verifying installation" screen during an update, we've got you covered.

It is not uncommon for the Steam Deck to freeze or get stuck at different stages of operation, including the logo screen, the "Starting Steam Deck update download" screen, and even problems with the performance overlay.

In the following sections, we'll explore the common reasons behind the problem and provide proven solutions to get your Steam Deck back on track and running smoothly.

How to fix Steam Deck stuck on "Verifying installation"

Your Steam Deck may become stuck on the "Verifying installation" screen due to various reasons, such as low battery, lack of an internet connection, freezing of the output to an external display, or other technical glitches.

After extensive research on Reddit, we've gathered a multitude of tried-and-tested solutions to resolve this issue. We've compiled them below to assist you in addressing the issue of Steam Deck being stuck on "Verifying installation" effectively.

Turn Quick Boot off in the BIOS

Start by performing a full shutdown of your Steam Deck. Next, access the BIOS by pressing both the volume+ and power buttons simultaneously. In the BIOS settings, find the "Quick Boot" option and turn it off. Finally, reboot your Steam Deck to apply the changes.

Connect your Steam Deck to a known Wi-Fi network

Your Steam Deck may get stuck while trying to find an internet connection to initiate the installation process. So make sure a Wi-Fi network you've connected to before is currently within range. Or connect your device to the internet using an Ethernet cable.

Charge your Steam Deck

When your Steam Deck lacks sufficient battery charge for the update, it can become stuck in the verification stage, awaiting the necessary power to proceed. In such situations, charge the device to fix the issue of Steam Deck being stuck on "Verifying installation."

Unplug your Steam Deck from the monitor/TV

If you have your Steam Deck connected to a TV or monitor and encounter this issue, consider unplugging the external display. Sometimes, the output can freeze when going to an external display, even though the Steam Deck itself is not frozen.

If the problem persists

If none of the suggestions proves helpful, consider restarting the Steam Deck several times, as one Reddit user suggested. Alternatively, you can opt to let it sit overnight, as another Reddit user claims that the issue is likely to resolve on its own with time.

Once your handheld console starts working again, make sure you play The Finals on your Steam Deck. It is arguably one of the best Steam Deck games out there; so give it a try.

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