Starfield weapons – all guns revealed so far

Best weapons in Starfield - picture of a spaceship pilot
Credit: Starfield

Best weapons in Starfield - picture of a spaceship pilot
Credit: Starfield

As you prepare to venture into the uncharted planets of Starfield, equipping yourself with the best weapons becomes a crucial part of your journey.

Having the finest weapons ensures your survival and maintains an edge against the formidable challenges that await you in the vast expanse of Starfield's unexplored planets.

In this guide, we will explore the vast selection of firearms and weaponry that players can wield in their interstellar adventures.

Best weapons in Starfield

Currently, Bethesda has revealed several awesome weapons for Starfield. These weapons are classified into pistols, heavies, shotguns, and even particle weapons similar to Mass Effect.

Here are some of the Starfield weapons revealed to the public:

  • Refined Eon (Pistol): This pistol is a standard issue capable of decent firing rate and damage. It's a handy sidearm for dealing with a wave of enemies.
  • Beowulf (Rifle): The Beowulf is a 'one shot, one kill' weapon that has a slow fire rate. Once fully upgraded, Beowulf can take down most targets easily.
  • Magshear (Rifle): A real alien ripper, Magshear has a high fire rate in short bursts. Additionally, Magshear has an exceptional range - useful for taking down enemy waves or single foes.
  • Modified Calibrated Tombstone (Shotgun): This shotgun hits hard like a mini-nuke, and it has a large clip capable of loading 36 shells.
  • Cutter (Heavy): A heavy weapon designed for mining space rocks, the Cutter is capable of releasing a continuous burst of laser rays, effectively melting or shredding most materials.
  • Brawler's Equinox (Laser Rifle): The Equinox is a powerful rifle that can shoot concentrated electromagnetic beams. It can fry most enemies, even those hiding behind light cover. Plus, the Equinox has a durable rifle butt for crushing enemy craniums.
  • Eternity Gate (Particle Rifle): Particle rifles are deadly, and Eternity Gate is no exception. It can fire a persistently long burst of pure energy, melting armour and flesh alike. However, Eternity's Gate is volatile and prone to shorting out.

Once Starfield has been released, players will encounter even more weapons through trade, mission rewards, or combat. We'll update this guide once new weapons have started circulating in the game!

What is Starfield?

Starfield is an action roleplaying game (ARPG) developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game has been in active development for approximately six years, and it is set to be released on September 6, 2023.

Many players dubbed Starfield as 'Skyrim in space,' and it is rightly so because of the game's massive open-world system. In Starfield, players will get to explore hundreds of planets, and they can even build outposts. Additionally, Starfield has an in-depth ship customization system.

Even though Starfield faced numerous review bombs from many haters, it still managed to create a strong hype train, drawing fans and players across different platforms. Most of these players are die-hard Bethesda fanboys and fangirls.

Do you want to extract more information about Starfield? Visit Starfield's Steam community hub and join the discussion!

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