Starfield powers – how and where to get them

Starfield powers Vladimir Sall

Starfield powers Vladimir Sall

Journeying through the vast nothingness of space may seem like a terrifying endeavor to take up, but what if you had superpowers while doing it? In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Starfield powers and give you that extra sense of security while exploring new planets.

Starfield is a massive game that gives us over 1,000 worlds to explore. And though you do get the option of bringing a companion with you on your excursions, being able to produce an anti-gravity field with a flick of the wrist will always come in handy.

So let’s dive into the details of getting those Starfield powers for a bit of a confidence boost while traveling through the galaxy.

How to get Starfield powers

You’ll need to discover new temples and float through some patches of light to get powers in Starfield. Powers are unlocked after completing one of the earlier main quests for Constellation.

The first temple you discover will be during the Constellation mission called Into the Unknown. Here’s a step-by-step look at how to gain a new power.

  • Investigate the planet’s Scanner Anomaly site.
  • Follow the distortions on your scanner until you reach a temple.
  • Enter the temple and you’ll find yourself inside a room with floating patches of light and metal rings in the center.
  • Pass through every patch of light you find until the metal rings spin fast enough to form a portal.
  • Enter the portal and you’ll end up outside the temple with a brand-new power.

After that, you’ll need to complete the next mission which is called Power from Beyond. Once Power from the Beyond is done, a repeatable version of the mission can be given by Vladimir Sall in the Eye or the Lodge. Accept these missions and Vladimir will give you a random location with a temple where you can obtain a new power using the same process of passing through some lights.

How to equip powers in Starfield

To equip powers in Starfield, you just need to open up the main menu and go to the Powers section. You can find this section floating above your character’s head when you open the main menu.

All of the powers you’ve unlocked so far are found in the Powers menu. To equip one, just select the power of your choosing.

You’ll know you have successfully equipped a power when a blue bar appears under your health bar. This blue bar will be depleted whenever you use a power and will refill automatically.

And that’ll do it for our guide on how to get Starfield powers. For more help with Bethesda’s space exploration game, check out how to fix Starfield audio issues or any other errors you might be experiencing.

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