Starfield outposts – how to build them

Starfield outposts

Starfield outposts

As you zip around the galaxy in Bethesda’s spacefaring adventure, you may come across a planet you wish to settle down on. Thanks to the Starfield outposts system, your dreams of becoming an interplanetary homeowner can finally come true.

In Starfield, you can pick virtually any planet you come across on which to build your outpost. And with over 1,000 worlds available in the game, you’ll have a lot to choose from.

Starfield outposts can provide many benefits such as producing resources and creating additional storage space for your items. So, let’s go ahead and find out how to build them.

How to build Starfield outposts

To build a Starfield outpost, you’ll need to choose a location and set up an Outpost Beacon on it. From there, you start building constructs and customizing your outpost as you see fit.

Here’s a more in-depth look at how to build Starfield outposts:

  • After selecting the location for your outpost, create an Outpost Beacon by pressing X on your Xbox controller or H on a keyboard.
  • This will put you in Build Mode where you can start putting up several different types of structures like extractors, generators, and buildings.
  • You can switch between Build Mode and Modify Mode at any point while setting up your outpost. In Modify Mode, you can move and delete items as well as change their colors.
  • In Clear Mode, you can remove obstructions that get in the way of building your outpost.
  • While making a Starfield outpost, don’t forget to build a power source such as a Fueled Generator or Wind Turbine to keep things running.

Once you’re done building an outpost, you can select a companion or crew member to man the base while you’re out discovering new worlds. To do this, just go into your crew menu and choose the NPC you wish to assign to the outpost.

How many outposts can you have in Starfield?

You can build up to 8 different outposts in Starfield. Once you set up an Outpost Beacon, it will count towards the maximum number of outposts you can build.

If you’ve already made 8 outposts but want to build another one on a newly discovered planet, you’ll need to delete one of your older bases. You can do this by traveling to the Outpost Beacon and targeting it until you see the Rename prompt. When the prompt shows up, just hold down the X button on your Xbox controller or R on a keyboard to remove the beacon.

There’s no limit to how many times you can delete and build new outposts, but again, you can only ever have 8 up at a time. The maximum number of outposts may be increased in a future update, but no plans for such a change have been announced just yet.

And that wraps up our guide on building Starfield outposts. For more info on the space adventure game, feel free to check out how to open and use the Starfield planet map and all the different console commands available.

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