Starfield jetpack not working - how to fix your boost pack

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Starfield jetpack not working - An image of a character in the game wearing a boost pack
Credit: Bethesda

If the Starfield jetpack or boost pack is not working for you, the proven tips in this short guide will help you out.

Since Starfield doesn't have land or ground vehicles and we can't tame or mount the creatures in the game to use them for transportation, the boost pack remains your sole way to get around. But for some folks, it's not working.

In this guide, we'll show you how to fix the jetpack not working issues in Starfield so you can explore the planets hassle-free.

How to fix the Starfield jetpack or boost pack not working issue

To fix the Starfield jetpack or boost pack not working issue, you need to either obtain the first rank of the Boost Pack Training skill or equip yourself with a pack that has the boost feature, depending on your situation.

To see if a pack has boosters, look for something along the lines of "Basic Boostpack" or "Power Boostpack" in its description. If the word "Boostpack" is not there, you have a basic backpack without booster functionality.

Once you have made sure you have the necessary boost pack skill and an operational jetpack equipped, press Y (on Xbox) or the space bar (on PC) to jump, and press it again while in mid-air to activate the boost feature.

Why is the Starfield boost pack not working?

The Starfield boost pack or jetpack is not working for you because you either don't have the necessary skill to use a boost pack or you are not equipped with a pack that has the boost feature.


Often, new players to the game are not aware of the skill needed to use a jetpack, and they mistakenly think that every backpack comes with the booster feature. They may wrongly believe their jetpack is bugged or not working properly.

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