Starfield factions tier list - which are the best?

Starfield factions tier list - droid on planet

Starfield factions tier list - droid on planet

In the universe of Bethesda' space RPG, there are many factions that are trying to get your attention. Beyond the main story, there are four major factions which stand out. But which one to join? We will look at them in detail in our Starfield factions tier list, to find out more.

Much like the guilds in Skyrim and Oblivion, these factions are distinct offer different things to players. This is regarding achievements, storylines, and experiences.

Time, then, to take a look at them in detail. We will analyze all four of these main factions and find out which one is the best in the Starfield factions tier list.

Starfield factions tier list

For our experience, we think the Crimson Fleet is the best as it offers the most interesting experience, even in piracy. But of course your experience may vary, so let's take a look at all of them, so you can decide.

S-tier list: The Crimson Fleet

The missions in the Crimson Fleet primarily revolve around the pursuit of Jasper Kryx's legacy. These are fairly enjoyable and interesting, and also you will get a great reward at the end, offering players a seamless route to accumulate a substantial sum of Starfield credits.

Moreover, it grants players access to The Key, arguably one of the finest faction hubs within the game, replete with a multitude of diverse shops and amenities. And let's not forget the sheer thrill of embracing the role of a space pirate, a captivating avenue for immersive roleplay in the vast universe of Starfield.

A-tier: UC Vanguard

What sets the UC Vanguard apart is the two storylines. On one path, players are given the opportunity to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet as undercover agents, but there's also another narrative. Within it, players embark on a riveting investigation into Terrormorphs, creatures reminiscent of Fallout's Deathclaws, and delve deep into uncovering their mysterious origins.

The UC Vanguard missions are really great and rival The Crimson Fleet for sure, so it may also be a matter of tastes. Moreover, players have the opportunity to attain UC citizenship and even secure a personal house as they progress through this quest line.

B-tier: Freestar Collective

While the Freestar Collective offers an interesting storyline, it might not be the best overall. Players embark on an investigation into a group of mercenaries who faced arrest during the Colony War, the First. There are some interesting political twists and turns here, but nothing exceptional.

Also, there is no unique hub associated with this faction, nor does it offer substantial monetary rewards. Still, players are given a free ship at the end, making it a noteworthy perk within this faction's storyline.

C-tier: Ryujin Industries

In a contest among exceptional factions, Ryujin Industries is perhaps the less interesting. This is especially because of the starting missions, which all seem to play very similarly to one another and don't do much.

Although there are undoubtedly some intriguing moments scattered throughout the storyline, the ending is also quite a disappointment. The primary advantage of joining Ryujin lies in its potential utility for future persuasion checks. This might come in handy for entertaining roleplay or stealth gameplay. However, it's worth noting that these benefits are highly situational, unlike those offered by the other faction quests.

That's all we have for you for the Starfield factions tier list. For more tips and tricks, check out our guide on how to rename ships and how to target a ship's engines.

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