Starfield crossplay - does Starfield support crossplay?

Starfield crossplay

Starfield crossplay

While you are having fun exploring space, you might be asking: Can I do it with friends? Indeed, many are wondering about Starfield crossplay between the two platforms.

Bethesda's newest IP will have a lot to offer as you can explore and fight your way through the galaxy. You can even start your own space business or find romance among your crewmates.

But will we be able to do all of these activities alongside our friends on different platforms? Let's find out what we know about Starfield crossplay and how it works.

Does Starfield support crossplay?

No, Starfield does not support any kind of crossplay. Unfortunately that's the bad news we have to give you.

In fact, Starfield doesn't even have a co-op multiplayer mode to begin with. This can change at any point moving forward with the introduction of the multiplayer mod, but as it stands right now, there is no multiplayer or crossplay support.

However, you don't have to explore the Starfield planets all alone. Joining you on your space adventure in place of other players will be a roster of NPC companions. These recruitable characters can serve as crew members of your ship or follow you around as you explore new planets.

You might be disappointed to learn that Starfield will strictly be a single-player experience, but know that Bethesda has a pretty good track record when it comes to making such games.

Does Starfield support cross-platform progression?

Unfortunately, Starfield does not support cross-platform progression.

No official reason has been given as to why Starfield won't have cross-progression, but many fans have speculated that it may be due to mods on the PC version. Loading a modded save file onto a console could be quite troublesome in many different ways.

Bethesda games like Skyrim have always been popular with modders, so not only does the studio expect mods on Starfield, they actually encourage it. We might even get a Starfield multiplayer mod at some point.

That about covers Starfield's situation regarding crossplay and cross-platform progression. You also might want to check out some of the more interesting Starfield weapons.

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