Starfield contraband - how to smuggle and where to sell

Starfield contraband - An image of a spaceship in the game

Starfield contraband - An image of a spaceship in the game

If you keep accidentally picking up contraband in Starfield, it's useful to learn how to smuggle it and discover safe places to sell it.

Since getting caught with contraband in Starfield can lead to fines and being put in jail, players usually want to get rid of it before they try to visit any of the settled systems.

In this guide, we'll delve into the art of smuggling and reveal the secure locations where you can sell your Starfield contraband.

How to smuggle contraband in Starfield

In Starfield, there are three ways to smuggle contraband: by using the Deception skill, employing shielded cargo, or utilizing a scan jammer.

The Deception skill is a gameplay mechanic that allows characters to use their persuasion or manipulation abilities to hide or downplay the presence of contraband. It reduces the risk of getting caught from 10% at rank one to 50% at rank four.

Shielded cargo are specialized containers that block or weaken scanning signals, making it hard for scanners to detect illegal items. Meanwhile, scanner jammers work by emitting signals that disrupt the scanners' ability to accurately identify the contents.

You have the option to purchase shielded cargo or a scanner, or even steal a ship that already has these features. Employing both of these methods significantly increases your odds of avoiding detection.

If your Shielded Cargo Hold can carry up to 100kg and you're carrying 80-90kg or more of contraband, there's a high chance it will raise suspicion. However, with only 20kg of contraband, you should be able to pass by without any issues.

Where to sell contraband in Starfield?

The best place to sell Starfield contraband is the Trade Authority in The Den space station, located in The Wolf system. You won't get checked by police or sent through a scanner here, making it a pretty safe option.

Another good place to sell contraband safely is The Red Mile in the Porrima system. You can meet Lon Anderssen at the Red Mile, where he offers a shielded cargo bay and a scan jammer for 6000 credits.

If you become part of the Crimson fleet, you can also sell contraband at The Key. Jasmine, also known as Jazz Durand, sells a shielded cargo hold, which you can install in your ship to make it less likely for scanners to find your contraband.

And that covers everything you should know about smuggling and selling contraband in Starfield. While you are here, make yourself acquainted with the Starfield console commands and learn how to recharge your suit protection.

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