Starfield companions - every confirmed crewmate

Starfield companion VASCO

Starfield companion VASCO

As the highly anticipated arrival of Starfield draws near, fans are buzzing with anticipation and curiosity about the companions that await them in the game.

While Starfield does not have a co-op mode for exploring planets with friends, the game compensates by providing NPC companions (thank you, Bethesda) who will join you on your captivating journey through the cosmos.

In this article, we unveil the diverse roster of confirmed crewmates, each with their own unique abilities, backgrounds, and captivating narratives.

Starfield companions list

Starfield boasts a roster of 7 confirmed companions, each ready to embark on epic journeys alongside you. Each of them will have their own areas of expertise and some might even be viable romance candidates.

Furthermore, among these exceptional individuals, you may discover potential romance candidates, adding an exciting layer of personal connections to your journey.

Here's a list of the confirmed companions in Starfield so far:

  • Sarah Morgan: She's an ex-soldier, the current leader of Constellation, and the narrator for Starfield trailers. Already a prominent character, she's also confirmed to be a potential romance partner.
  • Sam Coe: Being a rifle-bearing space cowboy and ace pilot, you know Sam is going to be your crew's resident cool guy. He has also been confirmed to be a romance option in the game.
  • VASCO: He's the loyal robot you see following the player around in Starfield's trailers.
  • Barrett: Usually seen donning a spacesuit, Barrett's skills indicate that he'll be the guy to look for when you encounter starship problems.
  • Marika Boros: With her knowledge of weapons and ballistics, you're probably going to want Marika close by during a fight.
  • Heller: Not much is known about Heller other than we find him stranded on a planet and that he's pretty good at outpost engineering.
  • Adoring Fan: Coming all the way from Tamriel to join you on your space expedition is the Adoring Fan from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. The character seems to excel at weightlifting, making him great for lugging your stuff around.

We've seen a few more Starfield characters in various trailers that are very likely to be companions, but they haven't been confirmed just yet.

Can you romance companions in Starfield?

Yes, you will be able to romance your companions in Starfield.

Not all of them, though. Starfield director Todd Howard has stated that there will be a total of four companions you can romance in the game.

Of these four romantic prospects, only two have been revealed so far - Constellation leader Sarah Morgan and space cowboy Sam Coe.

That's pretty much it on what we know about the companions in Starfield. If you want to know more about the upcoming game, you may want to check out land vehicles in Starfield.

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