Oblivion's most annoying character is back in Starfield

Oblivion’s most annoying character, the adoring fan, back in Starfield

Oblivion’s most annoying character, the adoring fan, back in Starfield

By Azura, by Azura, by Azura, Oblivion’s most annoying character has returned in Bethesda’s new RPG Starfield. Known as the Adoring Fan, Oblivion players will now be haunted by the blonde curse of Cyrodil.

Shown off in last night’s Starfield Direct, Bethesda revealed that the iconic Adoring Fan is returning for its new sci-fi adventure. Originally introduced in Oblivion, the character followed players across the lush forests of Tamriel whilst constantly shouting.

Revealed alongside the game’s rather expensive Constellation Edition, the Adoring Fan can be recruited as a companion that follows you across the cosmos. Not only available to walk with you, the character can fight alongside you and even become a member of your spaceship’s crew.

In one shot, the new Adoring Fan is adorably clad in a massive spacesuit, following you across the treacherous lands of distant planets. The player then turns around the blast the character off the mountain, just like the Oblivion memes of old.

The Adoring Fan was originally hated for his incredibly annoying voice and his inability to shut up during your adventure. His infuriating personality quickly turned into red-eyed anger as hundreds of players tried their hardest to punish the character for his crimes of annoyance.

Nevertheless, many fans do have nostalgic adoration for the freakish little elf. While he once haunted many an Oblivion player, his high-pitched voice and blinding blonde hair is a reminder of simpler times we yearn to return to.

We’re still years away from The Elder Scrolls VI, even 12 years after Skyrim. However, the return of the Adoring Fan — even in an all-new setting — is a much welcome reminder that, one day, we will be able to return to Tamriel, and we’re still incredibly excited for when that will happen.

Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series consoles on September 6th, 2023. If you’re a fan of PC handhelds, Starfield Steam Deck performance may be passable, within reason. Just remember: it’s no Morrowind.

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