Starfield characters - companions, factions, and personality traits

Starfield characters - picture of Sarah Morgan
Credit: Starfield

Starfield characters - picture of Sarah Morgan
Credit: Starfield

Recently, Bethesda has revealed the diverse set of Starfield characters or companions that players can encounter. Some of these characters can become your romance option in the game.

Even though only 10% of Starfield's planets will have life on them, this won't be a problem as long as players often meet characters with interesting backstories. Besides, lively characters deserve more of your time than barren planetscapes.

So, let's get the ball rolling and check out Starfield's characters!

The characters of Starfield

Starfield's characters have different traits and origin stories. Some of these characters will become your companions, while others might stand in your way.

These are some of the confirmed characters of Starfield:

  • Sarah Morgan (Constellation): Sarah Morgan is the serious yet enthusiastic leader of Constellation. As a soldier-adventurer, Sarah can accompany you on your journey while dealing with occasional enemies.
  • Noelle (Constellation): Noelle is a knowledge-driven scientist curious about the Cosmos. She is truly intelligent, and a protege of Sarah Morgan.
  • Walter (Constellation): A successful man in the established systems, Walter can possibly help you by giving quests, jobs, and opportunities. Walter is also the financier of Constellation.
  • Sam Coe (Constellation): Sam Coe is a space cowboy, sporting the usual cowboy hat and body-blasting shotgun. Aside from being a recruitable companion, Sam is also romanceable.
  • Vlad (Constellation): Vlad was once a space pirate and is now a dedicated bartender of Constellation. Since Vlad is tough like nails, he probably has different stories to tell and jobs to offer.
  • Adoring Fan: The Adoring Fan is a returning character from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. He is a potential companion that will always pop up in your travels. While the Adoring Fan is annoying, he'll offer gifts and some useful items.
  • Pascual Logan (United Colonies): As a Fleet Admiral of the United Colonies, Pascual Logan is an authoritative figure that can affect your journey into the stars. Pascual may or may not be an enemy that will go against your goals.
  • Vasco (Constellation): Vasco is an advanced robotic companion owned by Constellation. Capable of navigating rough terrain, Vasco is indeed useful to your exploration.

It's possible for more characters to be revealed in the weeks prior to Starfield's release date. We will update this article once additional characters or companions have been revealed.

The revealed factions of Starfield

Starfield has two major factions sharing an uneasy peace: United Colonies and Freestar Collective. These factions fought against each other in a large conflict known as Colony War.

The United Colonies is the largest faction in the Settled Systems, and it controls massive fleets of ships and devastating weaponry.

The Freestar Collective, on the other hand, is a smaller, decentralized organization focused on maintaining peace through freedom.

Lastly, the Constellation is a smaller organization that consists of aspiring space explorers. Players start out as members of the Constellation - the same as Starfield's popular characters and companions.

Visit Starfield's Steam community today to learn more updates about new characters and possible game companions! Also, make sure you check out the best mods in Starfield.

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