How to access Star Trek Infinite multiplayer

Star Trek Klingons looking panicked in a burning outpost
Credit: Star Trek: Infinite

Star Trek Klingons looking panicked in a burning outpost
Credit: Star Trek: Infinite

Looking to live long and prosper? There's room for up to four players in each match of Star Trek: Infinite. In this guide, we'll share how to host and join multiplayer matches in Star Trek: Infinite.

The game will let you populate matches with AI and is totally playable offline - a rarity in this day and age - but there's nothing quite like cruising through space with your friends while scheming behind their backs.

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Does Star Trek: Infinite have multiplayer?

In short - yes, Star Trek: Infinite supports multiplayer. Matches can have a maximum of four players, and as mentioned previously, they don't have to be human players - AI will populate any remaining slots.

Star Trek Borg cube floats menacingly near a planet with some spaceships in the distance
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Credit: Star Trek: Infinite
AI will fill any slots not filled by players.

Matches don't need to be played all at once, either, as there are options to save progress and load back into an unfinished match at a later date. It's worth noting that players aren't able to 'share' an empire, and will need to stick to the choice they make from the United Federation, Klingons, Romulan Star, and Cardassians.

How to access Star Trek: Infinite multiplayer

To host a match, you'll need to visit the 'multiplayer' section of the main menu. Here, you'll find options to create a private match with a password lock, or one that's totally public for strangers to join as they please. Friends can also be invited, and once everyone's in a lobby the host can still remove players before the match starts.

Despite the four player limit - which may be increased if new factions are added to the game - other players can join to spectate and cheer their friends on.

That's everything you need to know about the multiplayer options in Star Trek: Infinite. Before you go, check out our Star Trek: Resurgence review. We can also reveal how Planet Vulcan used to be real - but isn't anymore.

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