Star Trek replicators become possible as scientists make matter from just energy

Star Trek has been a major influence on modern technology, inspiring mobile tablets, video calls and more. It seems that we might be getting more tech based on the sci-fi series, as scientists have seemingly recreated matter replicators.

For those unaware, replicators were machines that could create things from energy, like food, outfits and more. While the replicators created by the scientists aren’t as magical, it could be the start of something if things progress.

Creating something from nothing?

Big Think reports that a group of researchers were able to create matter from nothing with really strong electric fields. Though not as handy as the Star Trek replicators, this could be the first step towards true replication devices.

With these electric fields, researchers were able to enable the spontaneous creation of particle-antiparticle pairs from just energy, which is incredible. It’s a theory that was conceived by Julian Schwinger, one of the founders of quantum field theory, and it might come true.

At long last, this proves that humans can indeed create something from nothing, which is a theory no one expected to come true. Right now, it seems that they won’t be able to make any kind of solid item but that can always change.

The last closest device to a Star Trek replicator was the concept of 3D-printed meat. However, this is the closest we’ve ever gotten to creating items from pure energy. Isn’t that amazing?

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Star Trek replicators coming soon?

Considering how replicators in Star Trek could create food and other important items, real life has a long way to go. Still, this is a very positive step in the right direction and we’re interested in seeing more development in the story.

Much like Star Trek, our current life is now filled with robots and AI living alongside humans, albeit as workers. The only thing we need is normalized space travel, though that won’t be happening anytime soon, given how much training is needed.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 will premiere on Paramount+ next year, on February 16, 2023.

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