How to add location to snaps on Snapchat

Person holding a phone with the Snapchat app on the screen. A location pin is above the iconic Snapchat ghost logo.

Snapchat is a great app for sharing your daily life with friends, and adding your location to snaps is a popular way to do it. This guide will reveal how to add your location to snaps on Snapchat.

There are many possible reasons for sharing your location. Showing friends where you are at a glance is great when you're showing off on holiday or making your way to meet them somewhere. Recent updates also let you tag the restaurants or other business you were close to when the snap was taken.

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How to add location to snaps on Snapchat

To add your location to your Snapchat snaps, you'll need to complete two steps.

  1. Make sure the Snapchat app has permission to use your location
  2. Make sure your phone's location tracking is on

With those two prerequisites out of the way, you can now take a picture as you normally would. Location can then be added like a filter - swipe right a few times, and the nearest location will appear in text at the bottom.

The text can then be changed by tapping it and scrolling down a list, where nearby businesses will be listed; it's a great way to see what's in the area without using Google maps. For a slightly more exciting location tag, keep swiping through filters - some locations won't support this, but most cities have unique artwork like the two seen below.

Snapchat snaps with stylised 'LONDON' text written on them
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Credit: Kieron West // Stealth Optional
Swipe right after taking a picture to add your location to it.

That's everything you need to know about adding your location to Snapchat. Before you go, become a master of the app by learning about live location sharing, finding out if you've been unfriended, or using our guide to make your account private.

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