How to make your Snapchat account private 2023

How To Make Your Snapchat Account Private

How To Make Your Snapchat Account Private

While some Snapchat users strive to get a public account, others prefer to make their Snapchat account private.

Not everyone likes to flaunt their lives on social media, and that’s totally fine. If you’re someone who wants to keep your personal life private, you can make your Snapchat account private. However, unlike Instagram's private profile, a single toggle doesn't make your account private.

To make your Snapchat account private, you’ll have to go through a few steps and tweak a few settings. We will walk you through each step of the process. Let's get started!

How to make your Snapchat account private

From adjusting your account visibility and story-sharing options to managing friend requests and utilizing additional security measures, there are various techniques that will enable you to curate a more secure Snapchat experience.

Whether you are on Snapchat Web or the app, here are the steps you need to take to make your Snapchat account private:

  • Tap the gear icon in the Profile screen to open Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Privacy Controls section and tap Contact Me. Make sure it is set to My Friends.
  • Go back and click on View My Story and set it to Friends Only. If you want to block specific friends from seeing your Story, tap Custom and select their names.
  • Tap Activity indicator and turn the toggle off. This way your friends won't be able to know if you are online on Snapchat or when you were last active.
  • Go to the previous menu and select See My Location.
    • By default, only your friends can see your location. But you can tweak the settings to block some friends from seeing your location or make your location visible to only selected friends.
    • Alternatively, you can enable Ghost Mode if you don't want to share your location with no friends at all.
  • Finally, go back again and tap See Me in Quick Add. Uncheck the option, if you don't wish to appear in other Snapchat users' Quick Add.

By implementing the strategies outlined here, you can tighten the reins on your Snapchat account, ensuring that your personal information and shared content remain visible only to those you trust.

In case the Snapchat activity indicator is not turning off, refer to the linked article for fixes.

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How to make a Private Story on Snapchat

How To Make Your Snapchat Account Private
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Private Stories on Snapchat let you select the people you want to view your Stories. It is similar to the Close Friends feature on Instagram, where only the friends added to the close friends' list will be able to see your stories.

If you want to make a Private Story on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap 'New Private Story' if you’re creating one for the first time, or tap '+ New Story' if you already have a Private Story.
  • Choose who can view your Private Story and give it a name.

Your Private Story will be available under the My Stories section and whenever you want to post something to the people in that particular group, you can simply select that Private Story, record your Story and post it.

It is worth mentioning that Snapchat allows you to create up to 20 Private Stories at a time.

How to hide your Snapchat account from contacts

As of now, there is no way to hide your Snapchat account from your contacts. However, you can hide your account in Quick Add, so you won't appear in another Snapchatter's Quick Add if you share mutual friends or another connection.

To do that, go to Settings and tap See me in Quick Add under the Privacy Controls header. Then, toggle the switch off to disable Quick Add. From now on, you will not appear in anyone's Quick Add.

And that covers everything on how to make your Snapchat account private. Before you leave, have a look at how to get Snapchat Dark Mode on Android.

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