Skyrim PSVR 2 - is Skyrim on the PlayStation VR 2?

is Skyrim on PSVR 2 orc looking at player

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most famous and long-running series of open-world RPGs, ever since the original Arena, the games by Bethesda have been running strong and intriguing generations of gamers. But with VR now being a technology easy to access, is Skyrim on PSVR 2?

The latest title in the series has been originally released in 2011, so we can be sure that the tech is definitely there to run it on PSVR 2. It's just a matter of seeing if the developers have ported it.

Without further ado, let's get back to the lands of the north and look if Skyrim is on PSVR 2.

Is Skyrim on PSVR 2?

Unfortunately, Skyrim is not on PSVR 2 as of writing.

Although the original PSVR was capable of running Skyrim, it appears that there are no plans to release the RPG on PSVR 2. Bethesda seemed to have slowly phased out of doing VR releases of their previous games, especially after being bought out by Microsoft.

Clearly, this doesn't mean that we won't see the game in the future on the headset, it's just a matter of waiting to see if the second generation of Sony's VR tech will be successful and, then surely, we will have a chance to go back to the lands of the north to hunt bears and solve quests.

What games are available at launch on PSVR 2?

Since you're left without Skyrim, then you might definitely want to take a look at Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a launch title and a spin-off of the popular open-world series. Otherwise, we're waiting on such games as Pavlov and Boneworks, as well.

We will be sure to update this guide as new information comes out about Skyrim, but for the moment the launch titles for the PSVR 2 should definitely keep you entertained enough, waiting for some more exciting experiences that the future will surely bring.

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