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How to unlock fast travel in LotR: Return to Moria

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LOTR: Return to Moria three dwarves looking to head out and fast travel

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria has several unique and rare resources for you to find. Most of these will unlock new recipes for gear and weapons. However, one of the most lucrative early game resources is the black diamond. If you're wondering how black diamonds and fast travel are related, we'll be going over all of that.

Fast Travel is essential to having an enjoyable experience in Return to Moria. Walking around is a hassle and also extremely risky. It can dampen your gameplay experience, which is why we suggest that you learn how to get black diamonds in Return to Moria as early as possible.

Before we begin, have you considered where Thorin, Gimli, and Gandalf may be in Return to Moria?

How to get black diamonds

You can find black diamonds from several sources, but they won't be available early on. These include:

  • Killing horde enemies
  • Orkish chests
  • Boss enemies

Orc enemies have a very low chance of dropping black diamonds, but if you fight many of them repeatedly in hordes, you might find a black diamond or two lying around in the aftermath. You unlock horde attacks once you repair the first great forge.

Orkish chests are the more consistent method of getting black diamonds. They have a higher chance of having black diamonds. Note that you need the Orkish key to open these chests.

lotr: return to moria orkish chest in empty orc camp
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Lastly, you can defeat boss enemies to get black diamonds. One such enemy was Bolgakh, the boss found deep in the Mines of Moria. We fought him and his horde in Orctown, and he dropped around seven black diamonds. Other bosses also have chances of dropping several black diamonds.

LOTR: Return to Moria Black Diamonds in Inventory with item description
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How to use black diamonds

Black diamonds are primarily used to repair and build Mapstones. Mapstones that need to be repaired will require either one or two black diamonds and some stone. To build a custom Mapstone at any camp you want, you need the following materials.

  • Black diamonds (3)
  • Stone (20)
LOTR return to moria building a mapstone inside your camp and material needed
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You'll also find some Mapstones that don't need any repair or building.

How to fast travel?

Once you have more than one mapstone set up, you can interact with it using 'E' and fast travel to any other mapstone you have unlocked. Interacting with a mapstone will pull up a menu for every area that shows each mapstone available for fast travel there. The four locations available include:

  • The Western Halls
  • The Lower Deeps
  • Dwarrowdelf
  • Barazinbar
LOTR: Return to Moria fast travel menu for the lower depths
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Note that fast travel isn't instant and free of cost. You will still burn energy and hunger when you initiate fast travel. You'll have to eat or sleep immediately after fast traveling to refill these bars.

Where are my black diamonds?

If your black diamonds show up in your camp inventory, but you can't seem to find them in any chest, we might know what's going on here. The gold coin treasure piles store all your treasure. If you interact with these and select 'Add Treasure' with the black diamonds in your inventory, they can actually be submitted into the treasure pile for some reason. Luckily, you can empty it out and get your black diamonds back into your inventory.


We suggest always having a few black diamonds on you while exploring in case you run into a new Mapstone that needs repair!

LOTR: Return to Moria ruined mapstone that needs repair with black diamonds
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That's all you need to know about how to get black diamonds and fast travel in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

That's all you need to know about black diamonds and fast traveling Return to Moria. For more guides, learn how to craft weapons and how to go about repairing them.

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