Ready or Not weapon tier list

Ready or Not character in a gas mask

Ready or Not character in a gas mask

Looking for a Ready or Not weapon tier list? We’ve got the intel you need to determine the best weapons to use in the team-based tactical shooter.

While playing Ready or Not, you’ll need to work together with your squad to neutralize threats. Your team will be dealing with a variety of scenarios that include bomb threats and hostage situations.

If you’re still new to Ready or Not, you might want to take a look at our beginner tips and tricks guide for the shooting game. But if you’re ready to set out on your first mission, then let’s go ahead and take a look at our Ready or Not weapon tier list.

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Ready or Not weapons tier list

You’ll be dealing with many different situations in Ready or Not, so it would do you good to be prepared for anything. Still, there are some weapons that seem to be more effective than others. Here’s how the best Ready or Not weapons stack up against each other.


  • USP45
  • Beanbag Shotgun
  • MP5
  • UMP 45

With these guns being at the top of the list, having them equipped means you’ll be able to handle encounters with relative ease. Don’t pass up the chance to have these weapons in your hands.


  • VKS
  • P90
  • Fiveseven
  • MP5A3
  • LVAR
  • SR-16

The only real issue with these weapons is that they aren’t the absolute best in the game. They are still extremely effective at neutralizing threats out on the field.


  • M24 Sniper
  • B1301
  • M4 Super 90
  • C2 Explosives
  • MK1
  • Taser
  • MPX

The weapons in this tier can still get the job done, but you will have to work harder to get the results you want. They are still serviceable, but you should consider going for an upgrade soon.


  • Breaching Shotgun
  • R7 Launcher
  • .357 Magnum
  • TLE 1911

You should probably only consider using these weapons if you want to give you and your team a bit of a challenge. Completing missions with these guns is definitely still possible, but you should try looking for something more manageable.

And that wraps up our Ready or Not weapon tier list. While you’re here, feel free to check out whether the tactical shooter has controller support or if you can play it solo.

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