Ready or Not tips – Tips and tricks for Ready or Not beginners

Ready or Not tips

Ready or Not tips

Starting a new online co-op game may seem daunting since you don’t want to slow your team down. Luckily, we’ve come up with some Ready or Not tips to help get you through your noob days a bit quicker.

Whether you are playing with a group of friends or going solo with some bots, having your basics down will go a long way. Otherwise, you might end up shooting an innocent streamer during a stream swat call.

So, let’s dive into some Ready or Not tips and tricks to help you get started in VOID Interactive’s tactical shooter.

Ready or Not tips and tricks for beginners

After playing a few missions and learning the game’s core mechanics, you might find yourself struggling or downright stuck in some parts. If that’s happening to you in Ready or Not, then these tips might help you continue your progress.


Since Ready or Not is a tactical co-op game, communication will play a huge role in the outcome of your missions. Even if you’re playing with bots, it’s best to give them frequent commands instead of just standing around while you do everything.

If you have trouble issuing commands to your bot teammates, you might want to consider using voice commands to make things easier.

Don’t stand directly in front of a door

There will be a lot of instances in Ready or Not where you’ll need to stand outside a room to make sure it’s safe before entering. If you or one of your teammates is in the process of making sure a room is clear, try not to stand right in front of the door.

If there is an attacker inside that room, they’ll be able to hear you from the inside and might decide to start shooting through the door.

Watch out for civilians

A lot of shooting games encourage you to shoot anything that moves, but this isn’t the case with Ready or Not. You can run into civilians or even hostages as you clear out buildings, so try not to get too trigger-happy.

Mark rooms with your chemlight

Some maps in the game will have you going through a lot of rooms in search of suspects or evidence. Knowing which rooms you’ve already cleared may get confusing over time, so you can mark a room by placing a chemlight inside after it’s been searched.

Use those door wedges

Your team of SWAT members won’t be the only ones looking to get tactical in Ready or Not. If given the chance, enemies will try to get the jump on you by flanking your squad through side doors.

You can prevent this from happening by placing door wedges on doors that make for potential flanking spots. Using door wedges is also an effective way of preventing suspects from running away.

How do you sprint in Ready or Not?

At this point, you may be wondering why sprinting hasn’t been covered. Sprinting is basically a must-have function in shooting games, so how do you do it in Ready or Not?

Well, you don’t, because Ready or Not actually doesn’t have a sprint button. Instead, it has the Low-Ready Position.

Low-Ready does provide you with a temporary speed boost, much like a sprint button would, but it’s bound to a button on your keyboard FPS players don’t normally check – the delete button. Thankfully, you will be able to set this to another key.

So those are our Ready or Not tips and tricks for beginners. While you’re here, you might want to check if Ready or Not is coming to consoles or not.

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