When is the PS5 Slim release date?

PS5 Slim consoles. One has a disk drive, while the 'digital edition' does not.
Credit: PlayStation blog

PS5 Slim consoles. One has a disk drive, while the 'digital edition' does not.
Credit: PlayStation blog

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Update: The PS5 Slim is here! We've listed where you can buy it below.

After weeks of rumours and speculation, official PlayStation 5 Slim news is finally here. The console's design hasn't been drastically changed, but a 1TB SSD and other noteworthy features make it one to keep an eye on. In this guide we'll tell you the PS5 Slim release date.

We can only hope Sony has learned some lessons from the original PS5's launch and is creating plenty of supply to meet the demand. As part of the official blog post, they made it clear that once inventory of the original PS5 models is sold out, the new PS5 will become the only model available.

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A PS5 Slim with the removeable disk drive shown alongside it
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Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment
The PS5 Slim will feature a removeable disk drive for an additional cost.

When does the PS5 Slim release?

The PS5 Slim is aiming to release just in time for the holiday season; you can expect to see it gracing the shelves of US retailers in November 2023. A global roll out is promised in the 'following months', but no specific dates are given. Customers can also visit the PlayStation Store directly to purchase it there.

There are plenty of accessories joining this new model, too, with a horizontal stand included alongside all console purchases. A separate vertical stand compatible with the regular PS5 and the new slim model is also set to go on sale for $29.99 / £24.99.

Most notably, the console's digital edition isn't doomed to never run disks like the base PS5's equivalent. A separate disc drive will reportedly be sold for $79.99 / £99.99. There hasn't been any news of bundles, but with Spider-Man 2 and Alan Wake 2 on the horizon it's safe to assume some retailers will look to entice new buyers by bundling the console with these long-awaited games.

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