PS4 Discord - how to get Discord on PlayStation 4

how to get Discord on PlayStation 4 PlayStation and Discord logos

how to get Discord on PlayStation 4 PlayStation and Discord logos

Discord is a great app to keep in touch with your friends or strangers that have interests in common with you. On consoles, the app can definitely have different uses, mostly when playing multiplayer games. So how to get Discord on PS4? Let's find out.

The app can be quite a convenient way, for example, it can be set up on PS5 to bring the experience of playing your favourite games together with the chat on one single device. This can be especially useful for those titles that do support cross-play, but don't currently have integrated chat across several platforms.

So fire up that console and let's discover how to set up Discord on PlayStation 4.

How to set up Discord on PS4

Unfortunately, on PS4 Discord is quite limited as there is no voice chat support in the app. You can just use it to display what games you are currently playing and your PSN ID.

This is how to do it:

  • On the Discord app, open "User Settings" and choose "Connections";
  • Click on the PlayStation Network icon;
  • Log in to PSN by using the window;
  • Accept the connection terms and voilà, the accounts are linked.

Now, use the Connections menu again to display what you're currently playing and your PSN ID next to your username. But remember that on your PlayStation (under Privacy Settings and Personal Info) you have to be sharing your info to "Anyone", otherwise no one will see it.

Will Discord feature voice chat on PlayStation 4?

This is difficult to answer, but considering that PlayStation 5 is already a few years old by this point and Sony will focus their effort on releasing new content there, rather than on an old console, it is doubtful that Discord will be upgraded on PS4 with new features.

There is a way to use Discord voice chat on PS4, but it is quite cumbersome involving using several devices along with splitters to redirect your audio. It will probably end up being quite too complicated.

If you also want to set up Discord elsewhere, follow our Discord on Xbox guide and how to fix sound issues.

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