How to fix PS5 error code WS-116521-6

How to fix PS5 error code WS-116521-6

How to fix PS5 error code WS-116521-6

If you are encountering PS5 error code WS-116521-6 while restoring licenses or accessing any services or games, this guide is for you.

As a PS5 gamer, there's nothing more annoying than encountering an error code while trying to play games on your console. Whether it's WS-116520-5, CE-112840-6, CE-117773-6, or the one in question, these error codes never fail to put a damper on the gaming experience.

But fear not! In this article, we dive deep into the intricacies of error code WS-116521-6, equipping you with the knowledge and solutions needed to overcome it.

What is PS5 error code WS-116521-6?

PS5 error code WS-116521-6 usually occurs when attempting to restore licenses or access any PSN service or game. This error indicates that the service you are trying to access may be undergoing maintenance, as stated on the PlayStation support page.

Error code WS-116521-6 may also occur due to the high number of users simultaneously accessing the service. This surge in user activity can put strain on the server, leading to connectivity issues and the appearance of this error code.

Following the highly anticipated release of Diablo 4, a significant number of PS5 users encountered the error code WS-116521-6. This error commonly occurs due to the increased server load resulting from the overwhelming demand generated by the game's launch.

How to fix PS5 error code WS-116521-6

If you are receiving the PS5 error code WS-116521-6 while trying to restore licenses (for instance, to fix the Diablo 4 unable to find valid license error), you can try downloading a free game.

Because adding a new game to your PSN account can sometimes trigger a license refresh, fixing the issue for you. If the issue persists, here are some additional tips to fix PS5 error code WS-116521-6:

  • Check PlayStation Network status: Visit the official PlayStation Network Service Status page to ensure that the PSN services are not undergoing maintenance or experiencing any known issues. If there are any ongoing problems, you may need to wait until they are resolved.
  • Try again later: The high demand causing the issue may subside over time as more players complete their sessions or the server load decreases. Wait for a while and attempt to access the service or game again at a later time.
  • Play during off-peak hours: If possible, try accessing the service or game during off-peak hours when there is typically lower user activity. This can help reduce the strain on the servers and increase your chances of successful access.

It's important to note that the ability to resolve this issue lies primarily with the game developers and the server infrastructure supporting the game. They may need to deploy additional servers or make adjustments to handle the increased demand effectively.

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