PS5 error code CE-112840-6 - How to fix game downloading issue

PS5 error code CE-112840-6 - How to fix

PS5 error code CE-112840-6 - How to fix

If you are encountering the frustrating PS5 error code CE-112840-6, don't despair as there are steps you can take to fix it.

As a PS5 gamer, there's nothing more annoying than encountering an error code while trying to download new games from the store. Whether it's WV-109156-2, WS-116520-5, or CE-117773-6, they all are disconcerting.

One particularly frustrating error code that has been plaguing PS5 players lately is error code CE-112840-6. So in this guide, we'll provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to fix this error code.

What is PS5 error code CE-112840-6?

Typically, PS5 error code CE-112840-6 pops up when attempting to buy/download games from the PSN store. The error code indicates that the PSN servers are down or overloaded.

At the time of writing on 3 March 2023, some part of the PSN servers appears to be down. So that is the reason why you are getting this annoying error.

PS5 error code CE-112840-6 should fix on its own when the traffic is reduced. But if you are too impatient to wait until then, you can try the solutions listed below.

How to fix PS5 error code CE-112840-6

We scoured online forums to find proven solutions for error code CE-112840-6, but couldn't find any. However, since error code CE-112840-6 and error code WS-116520-5 are basically the same thing, we can try the fixes that worked for WS-116520-5.

So, here are our troubleshooting tips to fix PS5 error code CE-112840-6:

  • Open up the PS app on your phone and add games to your library then download them to the console while your console is turned on.
  • Try restoring licenses. To do that, go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other and select Restore Licenses.
  • Go into safe mode and rebuild the PS5 database and cache.
  • Try to download during non-peak hours.

Hopefully, one of our suggestions will work for you and you will be back to gaming in no time. If not, your only option is to wait until PS5 error code CE-112840-6 is fixed on its own.

Happy gaming!

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