Project Zomboid - how to clean blood

How to clean blood - picture of zombies ready to devour a human
Credit: Project Zomboid

How to clean blood - picture of zombies ready to devour a human
Credit: Project Zomboid

Does your shelter in this survival horror game look like a set from a grisly horror film? In that case, you’re probably itching to know how to clean blood in Project Zomboid. Aside from blood, you can even clean dirt, mud, and other unsanitary spots.

Even though it’s more exciting to hotwire a car than clean bloodstains, being tidy has a few in-game benefits. Still, you don’t have to worry too much because Project Zomboid’s bloodstains are less technical than other games like Elden Ring and Evil West.

If you’re eager to know how to clean blood in Project Zomboid, you’re reading the right guide. We will cover the simple steps on how to get rid of bloodstains left behind by zombies or other enemies. . Additionally, we’ll also show you the importance of having a blood-free shelter.

How to clean blood in Project Zomboid

Cleaning blood is a simple process that requires water, cleaning tools, and bleach. If you can’t find bleach, water will also do the trick, but it’ll take longer to finish the cleaning session.

Here are the steps on cleaning blood in Project Zomboid:

  • Find a nearby water source.
  • Find bleach, soap, and some cleaning tools.
  • Right-click the water source and choose to clean one or multiple bloodied clothes.
  • If you’re cleaning floors and walls, right-click on the spot and choose ‘clean blood.’

During rainy days, you don’t have to worry about blood stains outside, especially those ones in car hoods and roofs. The rain will naturally wash away blood and dirt, but it will also mask the sounds of approaching zombies. So, be very careful during rainy days.

Why should you clean blood in Project Zomboid?

You should clean blood stains and marks in Project Zomboid to minimise the chances of infection. Keeping a clean shelter will help in having healthy survivors. Also, a word of caution, if you use a blood-stained bandage, you’ll have a higher chance of catching infection and becoming zombified.

Bloodstains will also make your Project Zomboid shelter untidy. While untidiness isn’t an important factor in Project Zomboid, it can affect the way diseases are transmitted within the shelter. The negative effect is negligible but it still compounds over time. Besides, a clean shelter is always something to be proud of. Clean house, clean mind, right?

Now that you know how to clean blood in Project Zomboid, perhaps you’d want to check out our guide on how to clean artificial grass. And while you’re at it, you can even read our simple guide on how to clean windows outside, bloodstained or not.

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