How to clean artificial grass

How To Clean Artificial Grass

How To Clean Artificial Grass

If you have no idea how to clean artificial grass at home, then read on!

Artificial grass is a great way to add some lush greenery and natural appeal to your yard or balcony. Unlike real grass, you don't have to mow, water or fertilize your artificial lawn. However, If you don’t keep it properly maintained, the synthetic grass will start to look dull and dingy, and your yard will appear unkempt.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your lawn looking fresh all year round. We will show you what you should do to keep your artificial grass looking its best. Let's get started!

How To Clean Artificial Grass In Balcony

Your turf balcony is the perfect spot to kick back and relax while taking in the view of the sunset, city lights or maybe even the stars. But if the space is not well-kept, your relaxing evening could be ruined by unsightly spills or the scent of dog urine on artificial grass.

Most people believe that cleaning their artificial grass is a very tedious task. However, with the right equipment and tools, it only takes a short amount of time. Follow these steps to make sure your artificial turf looks as good as new.

  • Use a leaf blower to get rid of fallen leaves or any debris stuck on your turf.
  • Rinse the entirety of the turf with a hose to remove dirt, dust, or other residues.
  • Using a soft brush or hand broom, scrub the edges of the turf to remove any debris stuck between the fibres.
  • To remove spills and stains, mix a mild detergent such as dish soap with water. Then using a sponge or a soft cloth, rub the solution into the stain until it’s dislodged.
  • If you’re dealing with sticky or pasty residues like gum, lipstick, crayon residue or paint, gently scrape them off the grass with a knife.

Job done! Your artificial grass turf should be now looking fresh and new. It is recommended to disinfect your turf using a half vinegar, and half water solution at least once per month.

How To Clean Artificial Grass On Wall

An artificial green wall boosts the visual appeal of an otherwise drab and boring indoor/outdoor space. In fact, a garden-like green wall makes any room seem more cosy and welcoming.

The main advantage of installing an artificial grass wall over other types of landscaping is that it requires little maintenance. Unlike artificial grass on the balcony, this green wall is not exposed to spills, dog urine, or weather elements. With regular dusting and cleaning, you’ll be able to keep it looking new and fresh.

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Do the following at least once a week - every day if possible - to keep the shine going.

  • Grab a feather duster and gently dust off your artificial grass wall.
  • Then, lightly mist the entire panel with water or a cleaner spray.
  • Finally, wipe them dry with a clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth.

Keeping your artificial green wall clean on a regular basis will give it a more fresh and green appearance. However, sometimes it’s just not possible when there are other priorities. But, no worries!

An advantage of artificial plants is that they can usually be cleaned on a need-to-basis. Whenever the leaves start to look dull, wipe them with a damp cloth to restore their shine.

How Often Should You Clean Artificial Grass?

How To Clean Artificial Grass
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Unlike real grass, artificial grass is low maintenance and doesn’t require much attention. That doesn't mean you should neglect your artificial grass and let it sit around collecting dust and dirt.

To keep your artificial turf looking great, we recommend that you rinse your lawn once a week with plain water, and deep clean at least once a month. However, if you have kids who play on the grass a lot, or pets that make a mess, you may want to clean it more often.

Proper maintenance of artificial turf can help ensure that it will look fresh and new for years to come.

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