Peridot Starter Eggs - what are the different eggs in Peridot?

Peridot starter eggs - picture of a colorful picture looking at the viewer
Credit: Niantic

Peridot starter eggs - picture of a colorful picture looking at the viewer
Credit: Niantic

If you want to know the best Peridot starter eggs to choose from, you’ve come to the right place.

While the starter eggs in Peridot are random, you can still make the right choice based on appearance. So, a multi-coloured egg might hatch into a fancy dot (Peridot’s term for monster or pet) or a mini-unicorn.

Let’s check out the free and available Peridot starter eggs.

What are the types of Peridot starter eggs?

Peridot starter eggs - picture of a dog playing with a colorful creature
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Credit: Niantic
Dot - A new friend to play with

There are thousands of combinations for Peridot starter eggs.

You can’t choose the attributes of your starting dot because only the egg’s appearance is visible. This means that you have to follow your aesthetic sense or flavour when it comes to choosing a Peridot egg.

However, you can predetermine the style of your unhatched dot by relying on Archetypes or creature templates. Archetypes are defined by many factors such as Traits, texture, body parts, and shapes.

Some of the common Archetypes are Celestial, Cheetah, Clownfish, Cotton Candy, Karat, Jester, Monkey, Patina, and Peacock.

In a way, you can consider Archetypes as the categories of Peridot eggs.

What Traits do Peridot starter eggs generate?

Once you’ve chosen an egg, it will hatch into a creature with multiple significant Traits. For example, an egg can have a Zebra pattern and Antelope-like horns. Plus, each Trait will have a specific rarity, and some Traits are rarer than others.

You can get an ultra-rare dot by using Peridot’s Hatch-a-Dot system (also known as breeding). To start breeding, you must find a Habitat by going to a location covered by your smartphone’s GPS. You can also use Niantic’s Campfire App to find other players who want to hatch or breed their dots.

Since Peridot is still developing continuously, it might introduce more ways for players to get exciting Traits – similar to how Niantic added the well-awaited Master Ball to Pokemon GO. Peridot might even have new activities that all cute dots will surely enjoy!

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