Pokémon GO finally adds the Master Ball, but players don’t trust Niantic

pokemon go adds master ball players dont trust niantic
Credit: The Pokémon Company

pokemon go adds master ball players dont trust niantic
Credit: The Pokémon Company

Pokémon GO is officially adding the Master Ball to its popular mobile game. However, fans have revealed that they don’t trust Niantic to handle the new Pokéball with care. If this were a few years ago, players would be ecstatic to see the Master Ball added to this mobile title but fans have since turned on Niantic.

The game’s official blog revealed that fans who complete an upcoming free Special Research would get the Master Ball for free. Like the classic handheld games, the Master Ball is a guaranteed success, which is why fans always wait to use it on a legendary.

While that sounds like a fine item to add in Pokémon GO, many fans are skeptical about it since Niantic is involved. After all, the developer has hiked the prices for numerous in-game items and has prioritized pay-to-win players with some of its events. Unsurprisingly, these poor business practices have resulted in a loss of faith from the fans.

It seems to have affected the game’s sales as well, with reports coming in that the mobile title underperformed recently in terms of sales. Niantic did claim that those reports were false and that they were still going strong but it’s clear some damage was done.

Obviously, Pokémon GO is still a success since the game keeps getting downloaded by fans and there are enough players willing to pay the inflated prices. But numerous hardcore players want nothing to do with the controversial developer, even with all of the new Pokémon added to the game.

Fans will remember how this app ruled the world a long time ago, with everyone and their literal mothers giving it a go. Although the hype died down, fans were playing the game consistently and even buying items to make things easier for themselves. Sadly, Niantic took advantage of this, as we mentioned earlier, and the trust just isn’t there anymore.

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Players willing to give this app a shot can download Pokémon GO on their phones or tablets anytime they want. While buggier, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on Nintendo Switch are more worthwhile.

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