Omega Strikers login error - how to fix the issue

Omega Strikers login error characters running

Omega Strikers login error characters running

There is nothing more fun than going out on the field to throw around the ball with a few friends. But even better when we can do it on our screen, which is exactly what Omega Strikers is all about. But what if you can't play because of an error? Let's see how to fix the Omega Strikers login error.

The mobile game has been turning heads even though gamers, once they downloaded the APK file, have been reporting server problems and other issues.

But if you are just plainly not able to login, there might be a simple fix for you so let's look at them.

How to fix the Omega Strikers login error

The first thing to check if you are being rejected by the servers when trying to login to Omega Strikers is what version of the game you are running. Definitely you might want to check if there is a latest update to the app, the studio has been recommending that you keep the game updated or the servers might reject you trying to login.

Another quick fix is to restart Steam, if you are running the game on a PC, or even go ahead and restart your whole computer. Some players have also reported that they have been able to bypass the login error by not putting any username and password when asked to.

Omega Strikers server issues

If you have been having problems still trying to login, then perhaps the problem is on the servers' side and there is not much we can do except waiting. In that case, we recommend checking the Twitter of the developers so you can see if there have been any updates on the problem.

We are sure that with these simple fixes you are able to get back in to the game in no time!

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