How to craft Stone Blocks in Nightingale

Image of Nightingale stone
Credit: Inflexion Games

Image of Nightingale stone
Credit: Inflexion Games

Welcome to the world of Nightingale, where players get to live in a fantasy world set in the Victorian era. Knowing how to craft Stone Blocks is worth knowing if you plan on building some substantial structures.

Players are set to explore multiple realms with the help of Realm Cards. Be prepared enough though, because on the journey, you will encounter formidable enemies and some harsh conditions.

The first and foremost task after entering any realm is to establish the base: Estate Cairn. Not only does it act as a hideout but also protects players from many threats roaming around. However, constructing this vital structure requires a valuable resource, the Stone Blocks.

The usage of Stone Blocks is not limited to the building of some base structures. They are also essential materials to craft vital tools like Climbing Picks, and Hunting Knives. Here is a detailed guide that will help players acquire Stone Blocks in the game quickly.

How to get Nightingale Stone Blocks

Obtaining Stone Blocks in Nightingale is not much of a task, and players can get it directly within the game by breaking some larger rocks or destroying damaged walls in ruins. Luckily the process remains the same in either case, and players will only need to break these objects using any weapon.

Break Stone

To get Stone Blocks, players will need to find some rocks that will drop Stone Blocks. Since Nightingale contains different kinds of rocks that generate different items on breaking such as Quartz or Tin Ore, it is difficult for the players to identify them.

However, with proper knowledge, players can recognize these rocks easily. Usually, rocks offering Stone Blocks have a circular appearance and are medium in size. Players can find these rocks alongside large rocks most of the time.

Another way to identify these rocks is by equipping a Pickaxe and then pointing the cursor at the rock. If the Pickaxe icon turns green, it means this rock will offer Stone Blocks. However, make sure you are selecting a low-level pickaxe because higher-level pickaxes are also used to mine ores and it will be difficult to differentiate among them.

After selecting the rock, start hitting the rocks with the Pickaxe. Keep hitting until it breaks down into Stone Blocks. While hitting, keep checking the durability of your Pickaxe because its effectiveness is reduced with each hit, repair it to avoid breaking.

Destroy damaged walls

Although it is not a reliable way to obtain Stone Blocks, it still is a viable option if you are unable to find a stone block in your surroundings. While going through ruins, many players will encounter some damaged walls. These damaged walls can be destroyed by using any pickaxe to obtain Stone Blocks.

Getting Stone Blocks in Nightingale is very important as it forms the basis of making structures and crafting tools. These structures are necessary for a player to survive in the game's world. Players can easily get these important resources by breaking the bigger rocks or destroying walls in the damaged ruins. Furthermore, if you're just starting, you may want to take a look at the Nightingale Realm difficulty settings

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