Nightingale Realm difficulty settings explained

nightingale character with gun walking up to realm portal

nightingale character with gun walking up to realm portal

One of the best parts of Nightingale is the ability to go through various worlds, each one offering something new to explore. The possibilities are endless, thanks to procedural generation. If you're getting too tired of the same old easy or hard difficulty, you can change the Realm difficulty settings in your next world.

The Realm difficulty settings are more flexible than the regular Loadout settings. You can change them on the go, but you'll have to figure out the best settings to have the most fun. So today, we'll look at all the Realm difficulty settings and what they do in Nightingale.

If you're confused between the two, we suggest you also learn about the Loadout difficulty settings. For higher difficulties, be sure to upgrade your gear score.

What is Realm difficulty in Nightingale?

Realm difficulty determines the Realm power of each world you enter. Realm difficulty levels will determine creature hit points, damage, and the level of resources provided. You can change the Realm difficulty before heading into a new Realm.

All Realm difficulties in Nightingale

Before entering a new realm, you must select a Biome Card and a Major Card. The Biome card determines the difficulty of the Realm you're about to enter depending on its Realm Power base score value. You can check our table below for what each Realm Power base score means.

Realm Power
Realm Power Base Score
Realm Power description
For players new to survival crafting games who want an easy experience.
For players with some experience with survival crafting games who want a “softer” experience
For players who are very familiar with survival crafting games.
For players who regularly play survival crafting games and want a challenging experience.

Safe to say, we suggest avoiding the Extreme difficulty when starting out. A great part of Nightingale is that you can change the difficulty of each world. If you're struggling or finding it too easy in a Realm, then tune the next one to your new preferences. Furthermore, the aforementioned Major Cards can also add some modifiers to your new Realm to make it more challenging.

Higher difficulties will give you higher rarity rewards, so work your way up to the Hard and Extreme difficulties once you get better gear for the best rewards.

That's all you need to know about Realm difficulty settings in Nightingale. Also, learn how to repair your items and fix the shards error in Nightingale.

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