Nightingale Realm Cards Explained

puck describing realm cards in nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

puck describing realm cards in nightingale
Credit: Inflexion Games

Embark an exciting journey in Nightingale, a breathtaking survival game that takes players into a world of magic and wonder as they play. Players take the role of Realm-travellers and go on adventures in different Realms, each of which is packed with mysteries, fun, and thrills.

However, before going on these mystical realms, players have to first acquire a Nightingale Realm card, which is the key to creating their desired Realm. These cards not only give access but also determine the unique environment of the realm. To know more about Realm cards, their use, and how to get them quickly, follow this guide.

Nightingale realm card list

The Realm cards are important collectables in Nightingale as they serve as essential elements to cross the realms in the game. These cards work like keys granting you entry into many different realms, each of which has its mysteries that players explore.

Players can also generate procedurally-generated realms by combining these cards, hence adding the element of unpredictability to their journey. This is achieved by arranging these cards in several sequences. With this, players have the liberty to create various kingdoms each with its own unique game experience.

Nightingale realm card types

There are three types of Realm cards in the Nightingale listed below.

Biome Cards:

These cards set the basic pattern of the plane that you will be exploring and accordingly, they affect the environment in it as well as introduce different enemies, materials, and challenges. There are biomes like Forests, Swamp, and Deserts which players can choose from, each with its unique challenges.

Major Realm Cards

They are the primary deciding factors of the direction of your journey of realms and help you to further your customization. Players have the freedom to add various NPC and select enemy types by using these cards. Keep in mind that you can choose up to two Major Realm Cards when using a Portal Machine.

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Minor Realm Cards

These cards give slight changes to the environment afterwards allowing players to play with different styles. There are 50 different Minor Realm Cards that players can find currently in Nightingale.

How Realm Cards Works

To create a new realm in Nightingale, the players combine their cards and operate them on the Portal Machine Console. At the moment, Nightingale offers three different types of Realm card decks which can be merged in different combinations to create various themed realms.

Players can use up to 5 realm cards which include 1 Biome card, 2 Major Cards, and 2 Minor cards.

How to Get Realm Cards

It is rather easy to get Realm Cards in Nightingale. Players may get these rare cards by completing a few in-game quests or by trading with Essence Traders. However, keep in mind that you will need enough Essence currency to purchase Realm cards from the Essence Traders.

Alternatively, players can also craft realm cards by using the Papers, Ink, and Essence. Make sure to build a Crafting Bench first before crafting these cards.

That's all that we have about Realm Cards in Nightingale. For more details about the game, you can explore topics such as How to Craft Slingbow Ammo in Nightingale and How to Save Game.

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