Nightingale Puck voice actor

The omnipresent Fae, Puck

The omnipresent Fae, Puck

While traversing the Fae Realms, you may come across a familiar voice or two. So if you’re wondering who the Nightingale Puck voice actor is, then you’ve come to the right place.

Nightingale is a survival crafting game with a surreal fantasy world as its backdrop. Within the Fae Realms, you can travel to different biomes with ecosystems as diverse as they are dangerous through the use of portals.

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Who is the Nightingale Puck voice actor?

The character Puck in Nightingale is voiced by British actor Marc Warren. You may recognize him from his roles as Elton Pope in Doctor Who and Albert Blithe in Band of Brothers. Warren also made appearances as Calvin Dondarrion in four seasons of Game of Thrones.

While the actor is no stranger to roles in sci-fi and fantasy projects, the character of Puck stands out from others he has portrayed. Puck will serve as a guide to those who wish to survive in the Fae Realms despite his jester-like demeanor.

Donning his blue suede jacket, red shoes, and golden mask complete with horns and ornaments, Puck is an omnipresent Fae that resides within the multi-realmic void. You will meet Puck early on in the game and find that the Fae will help any who share his curiosity. However, not much else is known about his true intentions so you may want to think twice about giving the mischievous entity your complete trust.

That’s all the info we have on the Nightingale Puck voice actor. If you’ve run into some issues with playing Nightingale, we’ve also got guides on how to fix the shards error or some crashing issues.

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