How to find Bones in Nightingale

Nightingale screenshot
Credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale screenshot
Credit: Inflexion Games

As you venture through different realms, you'll encounter increasing levels of danger. Not knowing how to find bones in Nightingale means you're neglecting one of the most valuable resources at your disposal.

Aside from your skillset, you need to gather as many resources as possible to thrive in Nightingale. Without a sufficient supply of resources, your overall well-being will be compromised.

Bones are one of the resources you can use to craft different types of tools and equipment. Read on if you are anxious to know how to find them to make a formidable weapon.

How to find Bones in Nightingale

You may have missed some essential resources for crafting and building while exploring the Nightingale realms, including bones. In activities such as cooking, building, crafting, and others, bones are required.

You don’t want to disregard the importance of bones if you want to craft the best gear, tools, and weapons and enhance your in-game capabilities. Gathering bones will only be a demanding task if you don’t like adventure and thrill.

These are two methods you can use to acquire bones in Nightingale:


Facing off against diverse creatures and predators in Nightingale can be daunting. But it is the satisfaction of defeating them and collecting their bones that makes the adventure even more rewarding.

In Nightingale, there are different realm difficulty tiers. As you progress through higher-difficultier tiers, you will encounter more imposing creatures. The goal in hunting creatures is not just to kill and avoid them, but to obtain various resources from them.

There are prey and predators; neither of them is your friend, but they can benefit or endanger you in distinct ways. The prey is less aggressive and smaller, making them the easiest among all to defeat (Deer).

The predators are very much the opposite, being more aggressive and bigger (Wolves, Leporidons). What you hunt also determines the resources you get. If you hunt prey, you might get resources like meat, bones, and hide.

But if you go after a predator, you'll likely obtain higher-quality versions of those resources or even more. Once you finish the Desert Biome tutorial, you will be guided to the Swamp Biome.

You must kill three Tier 1 Predators to gather their Bones and Hide. If you happen to defeat them, you can collect resources by standing over their bodies, making sure you are equipped with a knife.

Click the left mouse button when you see the green knife icon to use your Knife and gather resources. Repeat this action two to three times to collect Bones and Hide from the predator, which will be added to your inventory.


If hunting might not be your strong suit, trading with NPCs will be another option. Tier 1 Prey Bones are available from Essence Traders scattered throughout the Nightingale realms. This will require you 10 Essence Dust to trade for Tier 1 Prey Bones and Hides.

Essence Trader Map
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Credit: Inflexion Games

When trading, you need to check your inventory. If you are weighed down, it will affect your movements or slow you down. This is what a companion is for, to also help you carry the load of the items you gather.

It is now your turn to find and collect bones yourself. Don't forget to start with the easier targets, which are prey, until you get used to it and can then conquer the predators. You might also want to check other survival mechanics, including learning how to dodge in Nightingale.

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